Yaazh: A Creative Technology Consulting Firm Ensuring Impeccable Digital Solutions

Arun Kannan, CEOCoxswaining the current software and android design domain by enabling a prolific user experience and feasibility, the current UI/UX industry is a vibrant domain thriving enormously at present. Leveraging the spontaneously evolving technological advancements to add an appealing feature to the various android and mobile applications, the industry has always remained in awe of the UI/UX professionals who possess the ability to beautify the bare and blatant software.

To address the rapidly growing industry demand with new-age software development skills, Yaazh was established in 2019 as the brainchild of Athi Narayanan K. Currently led by his son Arun Kannan, Yaazh has emerged as a creative technology consulting firm with a focus to help entrepreneurs, start-ups & businesses succeed with their technology solutions. Escalating at an exponential rate, the firm has come a long way since its inception owing to the guidance of impeccable industry leaders.

A Paragon in UI/UX Development
Ensuring innumerable novel offerings relevant to Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, Mobile and Web Development, Website Development, UI/UX, Branding, Hybrid Technology, and E-commerce development Yaazh is engaged in designing simple, compelling, and functional prototypes that make it easy for the clients to quickly get an idea how their product will look like in real-time and find out exactly what they want.

Catering in terms of application development such as mobile applications, web applications, iOS, Android, and hybrid applications like Windows applications Yaazh has been contributing to the industry in terms of backend applications by working with Python and Node JS as backend tools.

"Even when the clients approach us with their motive to build a business, they emphasize more on the user inter-face of the application. We have a well-experienced team who can do the UI/UX development innovatively and creatively. Being a visible feature
of the application, it is the UI/UX which seizes the attention of the customers rather than the backend programs. In mobile application development, our architect team sketches the schema of the application through which we outline the application and create a structure of the database. In the final stage, our UI/UX team create iOS and Android application.

Gradually we move over to the backend integration, where we do Quality Analysis via monkey testing, regression testing, unit testing, and so on. After making sure that the application is stable in all the scenarios, and then we move to the deployment of the application in our server. Once every test is passed and the application is perfectly fit for launch, we ship it to the client's server which is the production release. This is how the mobile application development is done at Yaazh", avers Arun Kannan, CEO, Yaazh.

Addressing the Gap Between Education and Industry
Envisaging a gap between education and career in software development, Yaazh wants to minimize it by creating an environment where the fresh graduates can come and learn to emerge as first-rate software developers. "We are engaged in offering domain-based training to these students during their college days to make them industry-ready after the completion of their education.

Yaazh has been contributing to the industry in terms of backend applications by working with python and node JS as backend tools

It's always a win-win scenario for a startup like us as these freshers equipped with relevant industry knowledge will get placed easily and this concept acts as a bridge. As the next factor, we are very much focused on mobile applications as it is a very dynamic domain. Although it was a new concept five years back, today it has emerged as an obligatory phenomenal transformation, which is why we need to enhance the quality of mobile application development that we make in India", states Arun Kannan.

Arun Kannan shares this success of Yaazh with his team of highly skilled professionals along with Aparna, an exceptional UI/UX designer who played a significant role in framing the company together alongside Arun since the inception of the firm. Guiding the firm step by step during its too thing period to achieve new heights, he is also optimistic about its future expeditions. "We are very much focused on mobile applications, as it is the core domain of the company. In the future, we want to move into software training where we want to train the college students in a very competent way. So that once they come out of college, they should be able to associate with the very notion of software development and must be able to work in the domain.

Fixating this as our future goal, we don't want to make much profit from it, as we want to invest in students and enrich their future. I believe that once the quality of education is elevated the companies will get good resources equipped with good talents. There are huge chances of improvement, and by addressing this existing gap between education and industry requirement, we aspire to be a bridge for it in the near future," concludes Arun Kannan.