Blueberry Semiconductor: Smart AI/ML Enabled Solutions

Nitin Naik, CEOPlaying an imperative role in stimulating the growth of our country towards a tech-enabled future, the semiconductor and embedded industry has been thriving exponentially at present. We offer solutions in the form of: a System-On-A-Chip, System-On-A-Board and System-In-A-Box. Our systems also include AI/ML solutions leading to Smart Solutions. This solutions cater to enabling the Digital Transformations in several industrial sectors, such as, Manufacturing with Industry 4.0, Smart solution for Defence and Aerospace, new-age Retail and Media, intelligent exploration for Petroleum and mining. The total volume of business in these segments is expected to be 10+ Trillion USD this year and growing at a CAGR of 30+ %.

Our leadership team collectively has 200+ person years of experience in Semiconductors & embedded systems areas with experience in developing AI-enabled smart solutions. We started our operations in September 2017 to create world-class solutions with a focus on Make-In-India. We commence-dour journey as Blueberry Semiconductors to address the emerging Smart solutions market space while leveraging our previous endeavour as Orange Semiconductors in 2013.Blueberry Semiconductor was founded with specific focus on Smart solution that included Deep Neural Computing in VLSI or Embedded H/W.

Blueberry has already started making an impact in the SoC, Analog Design, Embedded Solutions space. We have international clients in the areas of heterogeneous computing with a mix of CPU+GPU+FPGA+F-PU+DSP computing fabrics and high end memory support systems with DDR4 and above. Blueberry is well served by the founders and leadership who are Entrepreneurs with a proven track record of incubating and growing business verticals & units along with start-up organization.

Smart solutions with embedded Deep Neural Computing
Implementation of complex AI/ML
algorithms is moving partially or fully to the edge of the network, thanks to hardware implementation of Neural Network within low power SoCs. Many start-ups are venturing to develop low-power compute farms on a chip consisting of a matrix of programmable computation blocks that will enable the implementation of complex DNN based applications on portable and/or hand held devices. "The Chip fabrication technology is now proven at 7nm and there is scope to go below it.

This enables us to accommodate more functionality in complex SoCs, even after integrating 5G. After the initial hype, IoT now seems to have been accepted to some extent in the Industrial Automation domain. Using such a new breed of SoCs, it is now possible to develop new/efficient Smart solutions in several industry sectors, such as, Mining, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, BFSI, etc. Healthcare is already at the centre stage in this Covid-19 scenario. The current global scenario has compelled all of us to focus more on Healthcare and there is indeed a huge demand & scope for Smart solutions in Healthcare, be it diagnostics or treatment.," says Nitin Naik, CEO, Blueberry Semiconductors.

Blueberry is invested in the new breed of SoCs needs Compiler/IDE suites to efficiently implement AI/ML algorithms on the dedicated `Heterogeneous Compute Engines'

Blueberry Semiconductors aspires to be amongst the top few companies capable of offering Smart AI/ML enabled solutions either at Chip or Board or Box level. Recognizing this need Blueberry has invested in Software stack development for heterogeneous compute fabrics. We are currently engaged with next generation SoC companies to build a tool set for their chip. The Chip design services are primarily enabled with horizontal skills irrespective of application domain; however, we do have additional value add of domain-specific knowledge/expertise, e.g., DO-254, Avionics.

In the software solutions space our team is engaged in providing solutions that enable organizations in implementing the Digital Transformation. We have IIOT based smart solutions to enable Industry 4.0. Mr. Nitin Naik, CEO, Blueberry says, "In short, Blueberry offers Smart solutions that are based on: Logic-In-A-Chip to Logic-On-A-Board or Box and Logic-In-Software solutions that are powered by Intelligent AI/ML and Deep Analytics."

Road Ahead
Offering flexible business model to national and inter-national clients based on their needs including Blue-berry managed onsite engagement, fixed price/price-cap projects, Offshore development centre(ODC) and Customized model as needed through its three verticalsVLSI, Embedded Systems and Software Solutions, Blueberry Semiconductors has thrived propitiously since its inception. "We have quickly understood and adapted to the trends in the Industry by adding an important vertical for AI/ML-enabled Software Solutions. Our vision is to become a respected Technology Company in India with a target revenue of $100 M in the next 3 years by adopting the path of inorganic/organic growth," concludes Nitin.