Addpro Network Redefining Digital Marketing

Nandan. M, Principal ConsultantBangalore-based Addpro Net-work is best defined as a digital marketing agency set up with a vision to bridge the gap between the small and medium-scale enterprise and make a difference through digital marketing. From its early years, it has spread its wings across all of South India and is expanding further across the country and beyond the seven seas. The primary idea behind Addpro was to fill the lacuna in the customized digital marketing space. The void faced by SMEs and start-ups inability to connect with their buyers who were in different parts of the country or overseas was opportune in its inception in 2010. Today, with years of expertise and innovation, Addpro has worked hand in hand to successfully convert 800 plus clients from traditional marketing values to a digital strategy. "Our initial foray into the SME territory with the digital marketing concept was not a bed of roses; it was a potholed path, the biggest of which was convincing a client to switch from the conventional modes of marketing to un-conventional mode. In this process, we have supported many industries to do business across the globe. Mining and drilling industries, agarbatti, machine tools, granite, and aeronautical industries were a few of the varied sectors where we made a huge difference," says Nandan. M, Principal Consultant.

Addpro specializes in content strategy, design strategy, e-commerce strategy, search engine marketing strategy, social media marketing strategy, and email marketing strategy. It targets large and medium scale manufacturing, educational & aviation, hospitality, and IT Sector.

Crafting scintillating, social media content search engine optimization, email marketing, google ads and WhatsApp marketing - all these are blended with a strong focus on digital design. "We support our clients in promoting their products in the ticking markets which help them
generate business leads to grow exponentially. This results in 90 per cent retention," he asserts.

The Strength behind Addpro
Addpro's values, work culture, and integrity are the core pillars of growth. Along with a multifaceted team who works together, the company creates cohesive, path-breaking, attention-grabbing ideas, always redefining design and content boundaries. The company is backed by a high-performing team that comprises of veterans with a cumulative of 50 plus years of industry exposure. The team maintains utmost transparency with its clients in all its communication of commitment and deliverables to avoid any miscommunication or damage to brand value. Undoubtedly, the team is passionate about the work they do.

We shoulder the responsibility of a client's brand when we commit and deliver services well on schedule. With our hard work and commitment, we always exceed our client's expectations

"We shoulder the responsibility of a client's brand when we commit and deliver services well on schedule. With our hard work and commitment, we always exceed our client's expectations. This keeps us growing," he mentions.

The Growth since Inception
During the initial years, the focus of Addpro was on startups and SMEs. As it expanded its presence, its focus naturally gravitated towards technology to work with corporates. Over the years, it has built a large client base including clients such as Shell India, ACE Micro Matic group, Classic Polo, LMW, Roots India, to mention a few. Geographically, it has built a presence across India and the Arabian Middle East. "Our mission to accomplish, digital branding and marketing needs with the optimal utilization of technological advances are always a real vision for the organization. We envision building us a top brand and foster the company into a billion-dollar company," he concludes.

Nandan. M, Principal Consultant
Nandan started his sales and marketing career in retail fashion with big brand names like life style and globus. After a short stint, he gravitated towards digital media. The unfolding seven years took him to media through trade India, India mart, alibaba, and get it which were some of the big labels that were his fertile learning ground. At this juncture of his life, armed with the learnings of this business, his fascination with its potential, and a "vision", he felt the urge to embark on a digital marketing journey, and this is how the conceptualization of Addpro came into being.

Juvita, an MBA-finance complemented the founding team with a wealth of expertise in media and the food and beverage industry. She partners Addpro in the finance and management domain. She brings to the table richness of experience that contributes the profitability of both people and business.