Adsum Eco Solution Private Limited: Stepping Up for Environment with Biodegradable Plastic

Dinesh Sharma, DirectorSingle-use plastic is widely used in our day-to-day aspects and the fact that it is threatening the environment is a warning signal that needs proper addressal widely. While biodegradable substitutes are the most logical solution that have brought many organizations and startups in the mainstream to fight back plastic, the adaptation to the changes by the masses still has a mile to go.

Viewing the perspective and coming up with the closest solution to the problem, Adsum Ecosolutions stepped into the industry in 2020, providing a solution that can turn single-use plastic into a biodegradable form that allows it to decompose naturally. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Adsum has two other offices in Jaipur and Lucknow.

Aaksh Sharma, Director

With the statistics in India showing an alarming rate of plastic consumption that reaches upto 80 metric tonnes of plastic consumed in the country annually, this brings us to yet another threatening fact that the per capita consumption is approx. 11.7 kg plastic annually. While these figures are hard to dismiss, there are constant initiatives taking place that are encouraged with the support of the government.

One of its Own Kinds
A start-up company, Adsum Ecosolutions is dealing in single-use biodegradable plastic masks, carrier bags, face masks, garbage bags, cutleries, and more. It started by importing the technology and the raw materials from a Swedish company for manufacturing biodegradable plastic products and now has its own plant for this purpose.

The USP of the company is that it only deals with its brand- Addiflex by making products out of it or selling it to other manufacturers. Another USP Adsum Ecosolutions is that all of its products are safe for food packaging.

When Adsum Ecosolutions began its
venture in the industry, there were many challenges on the awareness front. The waste management of plastic has been seldom pinpointed by foreign tourists to an extent that despite being a beautiful country, lying around plastic draws uninvited attention. Adsum uses an additive to the single-use plastic that has such properties that allow it to decompose when it naturally comes into contact with the environment. "We add a catalyst that will start reducing molecular weight and convert into biomass by coming in contact with nature", says Akash Sharma, the technical expert of the company.

Amit Sharma, Director

Backed by Govt
The Government of India has also appreciated and supported the small-scale startup by launching and promoting its biodegradable sanitary napkins that met all the safety and hygiene parameters. Adsum Ecoventures is helping the Government of India in overcoming the hazardous impact of single-use plastic. Addiflex offered by the company can be used by the manufacturers without replacing their existing plants and without much cost increment, thus making the products affordable.

Vipul Dixit, Director

Venturing into the space, Adsum Ecosolutions witnessed that the other contemporaries were not actively involved as they were dealing into many segments. "Necessity is the mother of all inventions, we had only one product and that is what kept encouraging us to thrive", says Akash. The first few years were challenging, however, the company gained a growth momentum to now be in a green zone of profitability. The client acquisition is a constant process and one of the proud names is Vistara Airlines sporting `Addiflex' in their cutleries.

With the support of the Indian Government and implementing its own marketing strategies, Adsum plans to scale larger in the coming years

In the near future, Adsum plans to acquire a Swedish company that markets biodegradable additives.