Criticalx E-Sports: All Game, All Season

Online gaming has always been a popular strong business segment around the world, but it saw a spike in India as the cost of cell phones and the internet prices plummeted friendly. The popularity exploded after the introduction of mobile gaming in 2010, when every-one possessed a phone and aspiring learners learned what video gaming and social gaming are and how they can be turned into a career while utilizing gaming features as a fun pastime.

Intervening in esports gaming, CriticalX E-Sports is a community of passionate gamers who shared a common vision of esports in the country. The organization facilitates advertisers and marketers reaching out to the underserved demographic of young gaming fans through innovative incorporation and partner-ships. Their goal is to build a grass-roots to professional system for players, as well as an open forum for brands to partner with audience.

Impeccable Teams
At CriticalX E-Sports, an excited group of players from various facets of the gaming industry - hardware, broadcast, e-commerce, marketing & sales with a total of 20+ years of experience appreciates the need to pull together the world and build an e-sport ecosystem. They are ex-cited about giving gamers a forum to showcase their talent and to be e-sports pro. The marketing team operates across multiple platforms - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and SnapChat for reaching out gamers and has a keen knowledge of how to bring out a product, service, or material. The production team specializes in hosting/producing events and tournaments and keeping viewers engaged as CriticalX E-Sports introduce community based regular/on-going esports tournaments of quality content. Since the launch, CriticalX E-Sports has developed a total of 2.5 lakh users on social networks.

3IP Growth, Content Creation & Management, Talent/Influencer Sourcing & Management, E-Commerce, etc are some of the services offered by CriticalX E-Sports

CriticalX E-Sports management team consists of experienced people from all aspects of the gaming industry. The leadership team is also well linked with experts, brands and agencies in India and has a wide network, which helps one to detect and proactively address unexpected problems before they occur.

Services Offered
3IP Growth, Content Creation & Management, Talent/Influencer Sourcing & Management, E-Commerce, etc are some of the services offered by CriticalX E-Sports. They have even organized B2B activities for corporate participation. Their domain includes PC-related activities, as well as virtual reality events. They also aided in the creation of an all-India selection process for es-ports teams.

They are a well-known company in the Free Fire (published by Garena) community, and the competitions, productions, and event activations are well-known among the top influencers and the free fire audience. CriticalX E-Sports also organises competitions and tournaments for a variety of other sports, including Call of Duty Mobile, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBGM, and others.

In 2019 CriticalX E-Sports formed a long-term relationship with and not only saw sales increase, but also customer retention growth. They have also worked with BookMyShow, and Bluestacks. CriticalX E-Sports is planning to expand its position as a highly established mobile gaming industry in Southeast Asia. The company also wants to create a brand new broadcasting studio to broaden the range. In 2021 CriticalX E-Sports also brings a new venture of gaming e-commerce, with new products & website in the coming months.