CVJack Services: Bridging the Potential Talent with Suitable Opportunities

Amruta Padhye Joshi, FounderAn entire ecosystem of running a business enterprise is based on capital and resources. And both capital and resources are handled by employees, making them a critical ingredient in a company's recipe for success. There fore getting skilled and talented employees on-board by the HR is of utmost importance. HR functions in essence requires the ability to make clear judgements about intangible factors such as personality, potential, and calibre.

And the ability to recognise these traits and use the knowledge to make informed decisions concerning thoughts and behaviours is seemingly tilted towards women who are natural multitaskers and possess more interpersonal skills, both of which are vital to resolve intra office disputes, managing employees, and negotiating contracts.

With such notion, a start-up, CV-Jack Services is bridging the gap between potential talent and suitable opportunities.

Providing services on various verticals
CVJack Services provides skilled candidates as per company's requirements in various domains including IT, Management, Finance, IT support, Engineering services, PLM, SAPand ERP. The startup has a clientele of more than twenty eight
plus within a year of its inception. CVJack services has seen a meteoric rise from just two to twenty plus companies encompassing stratups to MNCs in India and abroad. These clients are located in tier 1 and 2 cities including Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Gurgaon, and Ahmedabad.

This phenomenal growth had been made possible of the ethics that are the pillars of CVJack Services. Unlike its compatriots, the company does not charge from candidates and its team gives the accurate relevant profiles to client's HR so that they can forward the same without even screening the profiles. Additional follow ups are always taken care of. Additionally, the company works hard for the closure of the requirements to ensure zero delay in businesses because of not having potential talents.

A Harbinger of Change and The Endearing Journey
For women, the road back to professional career after an extended break dedicated to motherhood is often filled with less opportunities and sometimes below par opportunities. All this harbours self-doubt with in women. Understanding these women's potential and providing an apt platform to relaunch themselves needs a similar hiring environment of companies. Bringing such environment into hiring is what CVJack thrives for.

This recruitment vendor for IT and non-IT companies spread across India, has now sixty plus requirements for hundred plus positions.

This notion of helping gave birth to CVJackservices that became a harbinger of change. Amruta Padhye Joshi, the Founder of CVJack has been at the forefront of this change as she saw the gleam situation that the women usually face. Being an engineer, she herself found herself in a similar soup.

After working in IT support and management and as a SPOC for IT related queries Nationally and Internationally in her previous experience, she had it handy in the management and client coordination experience and the much-needed technical knowledge to start this venture. It all boiled down to management, coordination, and technical knowledge to help her build CVJack Services that soon changed the founder's and so many other women's lives. A defining success in itself.