Miraquill: Crafting A Creative Ecosystem That Writes Hearts Out

Miraquill (Formerly known as Mirakee) is a mobile-first micro-blogging platform built for the niche community of writers, poets, and readers. It is a creative outlet that helps writers create short writings such as quotes, poems, and others, on artistic templates and share with a global community of over 800k+ users.

Miraquill has emerged as one of the leading hubs for creative expression. It is a favorite haven for writers worldwide for all those who feel energized by a common passion- the love for writing. It has evolved into a widespread community where thousands of people from around the world pour out their thoughts in beautifully written pieces, be it one-liners or complex philosophical anecdotes. This is where every writer, whether accomplished, budding or aspiring, finds their refuge and feels connected to other writers and the readers in the community. It is a platform engineered for literary works where writers receive immense appreciation and constructive criticism for their work and readers enjoy consuming high-quality crisp and bite-sized content.

The Founder Shares the Inception Story
I started writing quotes and poems a few years back and I was looking to publish them online. I realized that there are two options for people who want to share their short creative content with an audience. One way is to resort to blogging platforms like Medium, but these platforms are long-form focussed. Also, most blogging platforms are web-first which defeats the purpose of being able to create engaging snackable content. The other way is to share your content on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

A major issue with sharing creative content on these platforms is that the audience that follows you on Facebook / Instagram is usually your friends and family. And mostly they won't care about poetry or such content. As a result, it's quite hard to get any engagement or recognition for this form of self-expression on such mediums leaving the creators dejected. Also, creative writing is a very intimate art form since you express your deeper emotions through words in the form of poetry, quotes or free verses, etc. Sharing such content on these platforms with your friends, acquaintances or colleagues does not seem too fit.

According to eMarketer, Facebook lost over 2 million users under the age of 25 in 2018, and the number of Facebook users keeps dropping. However, it's not only Facebook that is losing members but also other social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. These platforms are not interest focussed which renders most of the content on these irrelevant. The realization occurred that a platform dedicatedly built for this community of people who are interested in creative writing could add a lot of value to users as it is specifically focused on their main interest. Hence we decided to build a niche/vertical social network that is specifically targeted at people who are interested in sharing short creative content and connecting with others over their common interest in creative writing and reading.

Being a part of this closely-knit community, Miraquill helps people heal, inspire, learn and grow together

It is an initiative to bring together people from different walks of life to connect through the power of words. We're trying to inspire people and make it easier and less time-consuming to engage in literature by providing a light-weight mobile-first solution for jotting down thoughts and ideas as they strike, sharing with a like-minded community, and consuming short creative content. We plan to support multiple regional languages on our platform to continue the literary tradition of India which is one of the oldest in the world, Alankrita adds.

The Unique Features
The app is designed with a very minimalistic approach so that the main focus is on words. It is available on Android, iOS, and Web. Creators can write and copyright their original content on Miraquill. They can use the writing app as a social writing journal or diary, jot down their ideas and save them as drafts and publish their content across the community.

It comes with in-built designing tools to turn writings into art. These tools help writers express themselves better and bring their words to life using the aesthetic templates offered on the platform. Writers can choose fonts to emphasize their message, colors to convey moods, and images as background to render an eye-catching experience. One can connect, interact and gain constructive criticism from the supportive community on the platform.

The app also has a couple of gamified elements where the writers are rewarded with badges for completing certain actions for example creating one post every day for a week earns a user a level 1 Marathon writer badge. It has an entire social gaming section called Creative Arena on the platform. This makes the environment very competitive for the community through the writing games, prompts and contests offered.

Miraquill has also become a tool for stress-relief and has aided the community in unloading their burdens having a cathartic and therapeutic effect on their minds. "We are also working on providing writing suggestions on our platform using AI to beat the writer's block. Another cool feature of our app is that we also provide flexibility in the length of posts to accommodate intermediate-length formats such as free verse, long poetry, short stories. The content being created on our platform is around different genres- romance, nature, fantasy, science fiction, inspiration, to name a few," informs Alankrita.

· There are currently 15 million posts created on the platform with 80% content created in English, 20% in Hindi and other languages. The community translates their thoughts, ideas and emotions into different content formats such as quotes, poems, haikus, limericks, micro-tales, lyrics, diaries, and letters.
· Even before launching the product, this concept was tested and received more than 5k+ subscribers in the first week. After launching the app, it hit the first 100,000 users by the end of 2017.
· Was selected in the FbStart program back in 2018.
·Received massive support from JioGenNext and SOSV MOX accelerators