NJ Macson: Astute Wealth Management, Alternate Investments & Family Office Services

Muhammad Jameel, Managing Director & FounderOwing to the rising HNWIs and inclination of people towards innovative tools for managing their finances, the Indian wealth management sector has evolved as a premium industry within the past few decades. Other factors such as increasing internet penetration, escalation of financial stability of the Global Indians, and growing numbers of the independent financial advisor, have further fuelled the growth of the wealth management domain in India.

Promoted by a team of senior Bankers who have spent credible years with leading banks in Corporate Finance, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking and Private Wealth Management, NJ Macson was established to delivering an unrivalled combination of successful wealth management solutions and exceptional client services.

A unique integrated Family office in India, NJ Macson not only manages assets and aspirations but also act as a financial growth catalyst, benefitting numerous customers in India as well as the globe. By understanding emotions and strengthening relationships, the financial investment firm acts as a custodian of family wealth, confidentiality and ensure overall wellness under one roof to create value for generations.

A Rainbow of Financial Management Services
With distinctive facilities ranging from Family office services, Alternate investment, Accounting and Auditing, Company registration services, NJ Macson offers Loans, Investments, Insurance, Trading shares and dematerialized account services as well. "We act as fiduciary; Virtual Manager to our clients in handling their strategic areas on accounts, investment management, investment advisory, estate planning, asset protection, tax; Auditing.

Family Office is a private wealth management advisory service offered to ultra-high net worth investors to centralize focus and control over family finances, legal, tax and administration issues. The non-traditional or unconventional method of investment, Alternative investments typically do not correlate to the stock market, which means they add diversification to a portfolio and with that also help mitigate volatility. Apart from creating a logo, symbol, or trademark, we help our clients with all the legal requirements at the time of registration of a company and also guide them for compliance to be followed in future," says Mr. Muhammad Jameel, Managing Director; Founder, NJ Macson.

NJ Macson assists its clients to accomplish their business tasks while simultaneously working with its
highly experienced team to en-sure the accuracy of accounts, taxation and internal audits. Their prime services include Family Office Services, where they extend 360-degree support to their clients in all the financial and investment areas. The service is rendered to a plethora of prestigious names such as Samantha Akkineni, a leading South Indian actress. Their wide range of services includes banking and transactional support, accounting and bookkeeping, wealth management etc. with the maintenance of overall activities by the assigned manager.

Not just that while doing everything the focus is always on being a catalyst for achieving the business goals. They also offer some unique and unconventional methods of investments like Alternate investment options. They add diversification to a client's portfolio by not correlating to the equity market. Various profitable products are also promoted by them which are unique and interesting for their clients. In the investment selection, NJ Macson entertains its clients by providing its services via Retail Investment System (RIS), Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Services (PMS), Corporate Deposits and more which has placed the firm way ahead of its competitors in the market.

They have lending products for almost every requirements like Home Loans, Personal Loan, Business Loan, LAP and many more for individual; Business clients. For their clients what makes them best is the specialized team that makes the process so easy and hassle-free for the lenders that they become their promoters in the long run. Such is the trust and faith they have developed with their hard work and value system which runs down in every interaction with their clients.

Our emphasis is to provide tailor-made personalized services combine with trust, reliability and integrity

The insurance facilities prevailed by NJ Macson consist of general insurance, life insurance and health insurance in which the products are exceptionally designed to meet specific requirements, such as individual health insurance, family health insurance, health insurance for senior citizens, and top-up health insurance cover. Owing to the ascendance of NJ Macson to the pinnacle of success as a leading wealth management brand of the country, the brand adorns an exclusive client base including various corporate conglomerates such as Birla Sun Life, ICICI, Kotak, Reliance, SBI, Bajaj, LIC, National Insurance, Reliance and more.

Meeting the Clients' Need with Trust and Integrity
By overseeing and managing the complex financial lives of the High Net worth clients with an unflinching commitment to independence, integrity and transparency, NJ Macson believes in enabling a better financial future for its clients. "At N J Macson our emphasis is to provide tailor-made personalized services combine with trust, reliability and integrity which include clear and concise advice to assist in better understanding of the current situation of the clients. We ensure the recommendations made through our Financial Planners and the use of various strategic tools to actively monitor the progress backed with research for executing a comprehensive range of investment strategies. Our team combines dedicated & experienced Certified Investment Planners, Tax Consultants; MBA's with experience in managing with various asset classes and providing Tailor-made Solutions to meet the countless needs of our clients.

The utmost care goes in the hiring of the team members, instilling the values of the organization and the in house training of the specialized workforce, which results in their strong commitment towards work and the special bond which the team shares with the clients. A lot of emphasis is given on human resource management practices while strategically aligning it with the organizational goals. The wishes are the inspiration behind our strong dedication to effectively implement our expertise in turning their wishes into reality. Hence, we ensure all our clients get the suitable financial avenues that drive them to success," concludes Muhammad Jameel.