Vingyan Innovations: Connecting Education & Technology

(L-R)Girish Ramakrishnan & Ananth Radhakrishnan, Co-FoundersGreat minds think differently and when these differences are pulled together, it marks the initiation of new creations and innovations. Such is the story of the Vingyan Innovations which is an upshot of the concoction of many unique ideas and interest. This synthesis gave rise to the common ambitions of making technology education available for the millennial & Generation Z. The genesis of this innovative establishment was laid by three virtuosos Ananth Radhakrishnan, Pandikrishnan M & Girish Ramakrishnan. Each of them has prodigy in their respective fields, they have blended their experience and knowledge to engender a platform that can make imperative arrangements in order to make children future ready.

Remaining true to its objective, the company has invented TECKLAB, an experiential Learning Program. This product is developed keeping in mind the need of making the young minds of the country technology ready and lay the cornerstone of their careers. The innovators perceived that if the world wants to benefit excellent technology in the future than it is important for this generation to get involved in technology, research and innovations. Taking note of which, they further devised Teckcraft and Parinam, solutions that equip students with over 100 technology experiments and mitigate the gap that prevails between industry and institution. Apart from the education needs the Vingyan Innovations looks after the business requirement as well. It has formulated disruptive Innovation and Technology solutions, that stretches across NADI- their data analytics platform, Smart Logistics, Predictive Budget, Manufacturing Automation, Image Synthesizer and lots more. Through these ground-breaking and cost-efficient offerings, the company aims towards helping organizations administer their manoeuvres adroitly and bring talent and industry research activities close to each other. “The idea was to integrate technology and education and craft a product that can boost the scientific instinct amongst children. We design educational activities for students between 6 to 17+ age group. The Experiential Learning Program for children is formulated to help them
explore new technologies & develop creativity by transforming ideas. Besides, we also wanted to help institutions tackle and master their technological needs. So, we also contrived modern services using latest technology,” states Ananth Radhakrishnan, Co-Founder and CIO, Vingyan Innovations.

Crafted by some of the best engineers in the province, the experiments and curriculums of the company pace towards supporting the objective of SKILL INDIA that aims at making every child technology and future ready.

The Dawn

The inception of Vingyan Innovations took place over a conversation between two colleagues cum friend Ananth and Girish. Their common end in view was to enhance the educational status of the children of the rural and under served societies by bridging the gap between industry and institutions. Their aspirations built contours when Pandikrishnan approached them with the proposal of helping his engineering students. This incident made the three musketeers come up with the brainstorming idea or taking the bliss of science and technology to each student and help them fortify their technological grip from a young age. “We three had one mission, to provide technology education and assistance to all. It was like a perfect amalgamation, I and Ananth had strong Product Engineering & IT experiences and Pandi, an absolute Educationist. A medley of these two domains led to the creation of Vingyan Innovations,” narrates Girish Ramakrishnan, Co-Founder, Chief Strategy & Technology officer.

Crafted by some of the best engineers in the province, the experiments and curriculums of the company pace towards supporting the objective of skill india

The Breakthrough

Established in the year 2016, Vingyan Innovations has come a long way, making to the count of the top 3000 startsups in the SMART FIFTY Initiative by Dept of Science, Govt of India in the year 2018. Till date, it has provided training to more than 750 students, conducted Incubator & Training Partners for two colleges and a University, and served as an IT & Engineering Partner to some of the leading manufacturing companies. “Though gradually but we have grown in leaps and bounds. Apart from making many innovations and serving clients nationwide, we have shared our expertise and build custom solutions which enable our Partners to make outstanding contributions,” states Pandikrishnan M, Co-Founder & CEO.

The Time Ahead

Vingyan Innovations has no plans to go slow on its endeavours. It has settled on a defined plans for the upcoming years. In the year 2020, it aims to focus on building & supporting custom solutions for niche industries, confer trainings to 2000 Students on TECKLAB and make provision for it to scale up and have its presence on pan INDIA. It intends to open doors for women entrepreneurs where it intends to launch more than 50 female businesspersons. Hence, with such noble insights and hopes, the company is sure to reach the pinnacle of success.