Elite Learning: A New-Age Platform Connecting Learners To Learn, Unlearn & Relearn Skills & Knowledge Via Technology Based Resources & Highly Qualifie

One of the most significant benefits of EdTech is that it allows all learners, regardless of circumstance, to learn and grow. However, individuals seeking platforms to learn, up-scale, and rescale themselves are being forced down a unidirectional path where the expense is not justifiable. Today, the most pressing challenge is keeping workers up-to-date, especially with the advent of remote working, technological innovation, and the ongoing drive towards automation. Edsanta Education is an innovative educational technology product company with a mission to become a global leader in linking learners to highly relevant learning and upskilling resources, mentors, and jobs. The company has been successfully assisting people worldwide in remaining employable and relevant by upskilling and reskilling to bridge the skill gap.

Hand-Holding Learners in their Journey
Edsanta Education provides comprehensive SaaS-based Edtech solutions, wherein, Elite Learning is the company's flagship product. This AI-powered skilling and upskilling platform enables businesses to provide all-inclusive learning and upscale activities for individuals, beginning with mapping skills, defining career paths, leveraging curated content, and validating and rewarding learners throughout their learning journey. It's a one-stop shop that gives every talent access to curated learning content for over 1800 skills across 2000+ job categories in 40+ sectors.

Elite Learning is highly adaptable and configurable, allowing people to tailor learning journeys to their specific needs. Edsanta is led by four evangelists that are passionate about reimagining and recreating the current learning ecosystem's learning landscape. “We are one of the largest curated learning platforms across the globe. Our objective is to offer unique learning experiences that promote discovery through contextual and personalized recommendations. We also believe in designing and developing a product that can inspire, engage, and excite our users, as well as provide a customized solution that can assist them in their present work positions and career as a whole”, says Dr. Kashma Bhatiya, Co-Founder & President at Edsanta Education.

Elite Learning is the company's flagship product, an AI-powered management tool that enables businesses to provide all-inclusive learning and upscale activities for individuals

Dr. Kshama holds a Doctorate in International Finance from Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley and MBA in Finance and Human Resource Management from University of Leeds, UK. Professionally, Kshama comes with over 35 years of experience as a consultant with the big 5s, Academia and Entrepreneurship. Edsanta is focused on building an all-encompassing ecosystem to alleviate the time and accessibility barriers that restrict people from obtaining great learning.

Edsanta curated around 50 million pieces of content in the form of videos, articles, podcasts, webinars, and other media that people like to access. “We are really delighted to share that our customers have played a critical role in our company's success. We launched our initial version in July 2020, and by January 2021, we had around 200 enterprises on board. That demonstrates how promising the product is. We have gotten sufficient cooperation from our customers and organizations in mapping the features to improve capability, particularly in terms of content. We upgraded our product last year.

And since then, we have over 1600+ accounts, with 78 percent of our clients stationed overseas; be it small, medium, or large businesses, or campuses and educational institutions”, highlights Ammin Rajqotwala, Co-Founder & Chairman at Edsanta Education. Ammin is a stalwart professional who has a demonstrated history of spearheading businesses with expertise in the area of skill development. He has completed his education from Metropolitan College, Oxford, UK.

Furthermore, the Edtech platform cannot be entirely AI-driven or consist solely of a course, online material, or content. Sometimes people will become encased and will require assistance and consultation. As a result, we cannot ignore the human touch. We have 500 mentors from across the world who are experts and come from various backgrounds to help learners on their path. “We are a tech-driven firm focused on democratising the complete up-skilling process into a single platform.

Our platform's technology is so robust and efficient that it assists every individual in determining what they need to do right away to advance in their profession,” states Bhanu Prasad, Co-Founder & COO at Edsanta Education. Bhanu, an IIT Madras alumnus, is passionate about building and marketing products that make a difference in people's lives. Practitioner and enthusiast of product design, product management, digital marketing, and analytics. He has worked in the Edtech space for more than 14 years.

And speaking of the future roadmap, Rohan Krishna, Co-Founder & CEO concludes that Edsanta would like to capture at least two percent of the overall market when it comes to upskilling programs by this year and broaden its clientele to 3500 enterprises in the next 12-14 months. Rohan is an alumnus of the University of Aberdeen and has a history of devising innovative EdTech products and scaling them. He has personally worked with 2000+ global companies in terms of consulting and guiding them so as to build products that can create difference and solve problems.