Fitkilterians: Transforming Your Body & Mindwith A Personalized Health & Fitness Platform

The Health & Fitness segment is estimated to experience a yearly growth rate of 6.13 percent from 2022 to 2026, resulting in a projected total revenue of $55.68 million by 2026. The increasing prevalence of technology in fitness routines is becoming more common due to the pandemic, with more people working from home and focusing on their health. Established in 2020, Fitkilterians is a premier health and fitness platform dedicated to helping individuals reach their optimal health and fitness goals.

Fitkilterians believes a positive culture is crucial for providing excellent customer service and building a successful brand. Fitkilterians focuses on several core values on its fitness platform. Firstly, the team places a strong emphasis on support to enhance both employee and client performance. Attention to detail is also considered crucial for achieving sustainable results. In addition, the team prioritizes innovation to stay competitive in a saturated market, focusing on transformative rather than superficial changes. Trust is a fundamental aspect of the organization, as it promotes balanced nutrition and lifestyle modifications rather than quick fixes or fad diets. Lastly, Fitkilterians prides itself on providing a personal touch through its online platform.

Fitkilterians is committed to sustainability and genuine progress rather than making empty promises. As such, they prioritize the following five factors in their approach to weight management and other health issues: exercise, balanced nutrition, hydration, sleep, and stress management. The organization delves deep into root causes to help individuals cultivate both physical and mental well-being and fully embrace their unique personalities.

"Fitkilterians Focuses On Several Core Values On Its Fitness Platform. Firstly, The Team Places A Strong Emphasis On Support To Enhance Both Employee & Client Performance"

Fitkilterians offers panels of doctors specializing in various medical disorders such as PCOD, chronic pain, and thyroid. The organization also caters to clients over 50 years who are particularly health-conscious. Its trainers and nutritionists are highly skilled and maintain their own fitness to help clients achieve their goals. Fitkilterians follows a personalized plan that consists of four easy steps: booking a consultation, customizing a plan, monitoring progress, and providing fitness sessions with dedicated trainers at the client's convenience.

The core team behind Fitkilterians contains a trio of the most ambitious fellows. Ali Khan is the most curious courageous collaborative, and persistent leader and COO (Co-Founder) with ten years of unbeatable experience and certified by K11 “ACE”. He is a master in innovating new ideas to achieve a high level of success, whereas Lipi Sahai, CEO (Co-Founder), is the backbone of the company as she never gets fearful about taking a risk for that matter. She is an iron lady with immense confidence and certified by in K11, MDNIY, and Patanjali yoga. Chitranshi Aggarwal, working as marketing head, brings a wealth of experience to the company that has enabled it to stay ahead of the competition. Her expertise spans multiple areas including SEO, content marketing, PPC, digital strategy, and analytics. She also understands the importance of staying up to date with the ever changing digital landscape, which enables her to stay one step ahead of the competition.

“Fitkilterians was originally a group of studios, but we had to adapt to the pandemic by offering virtual sessions through Zoom due to Covid-19. To our surprise, the number of participants quickly grew to 3.5k within 2.5 years. This unexpected situation allowed us to become an online platform with a personal touch, which eventually allowed it to reach more customers through technology. Fitkilterians has gained clients in the Middle East and hopes to expand its reach to other parts of India and the world”, shares Lipi Sahai, Co-Founder & CEO, Fitkilterians.

Fitkilterians is consistently working towards growth and aims to become the leading platform in the fitness industry. To accomplish its objective, the organization plans to launch a fitness campaign in 20 states in 2023 to draw in a large workforce and promote team building. The organization will also be collaborating with various testing laboratories to provide the best results for its clients. Additionally, their highly accessible mobile app will soon be released to help users easily reach their fitness goals with just a click.

We Have Grown Our Brand Globally Thanks To The Referrals Of Our Satisfied Clients

Society Challenging Story
Being a girl is not easy to carry forward as she has to seek permission to do anything of her liking and this is a very common practice in all Indian conservative families. Lipi's dark complexion and body shame added even more, hardest stones to unturn thus she lost her confidence and started avoiding socializing and making new friends this leads her to an introverted personality to pursue, and she lived this wildest and most torn life for 28 years but the hope of candle was always lit as she took the oath to save her own identity.

Her parents wanted to make her an IAS officer due to social pride and her complexion so that she can get a better groom. She never liked the idea of being a government employee but her circumstances made her do as a result she intentionally did not clear the exam. Rather she started her career as a customer service executive keeping in an amount of 12k to build up a successful business shortly.

At the age of 20, she was diagnosed with PCOD and then at 25 joined the gym with the hope to lose weight which was the beginning as she found her passion in fitness and started studying about it. She joined the K11 school of science to pursue her career in fitness. Her parents weren’t aware of this as they would have not approved it.

She started her first role as a fitness trainer at Gold's gym. However, she has to manage this with her job. She used to work double shifts at the gym in the morning as well as evening and day at the corporate job. It wasn't easy to manage but hard work and dedication always work.

There she met Ali who was very passionate about the business and training people as he was also running a textile business along with a gym trainer job. Then the birth of Fitkilterians happened. They both decided to execute the idea with a clause that there is no stepping back.

The company was started with the vision to open workout studios however the pandemic hit the business in a good manner.