Pollucare Engineers: One-Stop Solution For All Environmental Pollution Control Measures

S. Saibabu, Managing DirectorCities - the global centres of communication, commerce, and culture are not only home to more than half the world's population but are the frontlines of the climate crisis. According to UN-Habitat, while cities consume 78 percent of the world's energy and produce more than 60 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, they occupy only two percent of the world's landmass, in terms of size. Nearly all cities face the same challenges of energy waste, water scarcity, dangers of air pollution etc. According to the IPCC report, it would require rapid and far-reaching transitions in using energy, land, urban and infrastructure and industrial systems in limiting global warming to 1.5 degree Celsius. Also, any damage to the environment may result in the disturbance of the entire ecosystem as it is the habitat for every single creature on planet earth. Therefore, environmental clean-up is highly essential and critical to avoid these eco damages.

But the good news is that cities around the globe have started taking measures to reduce these pollutions and are putting policies in place that encourage the use of alternative use of energy resources. Furthermore, companies offering solutions for Environmental pollution control play a major and most significant role in today's modern economy by protecting the natural resources for future generations. These Environmental consultants through their knowledge and research, help businesses and governments across the globe in making the right decisions in this landscape.

One such leading Environmental Consultant is Chennai based Pollucare Engineers India employed around 500 people in India & Bangladesh. Pollucare Engineers acts as a one-stop solution provider for all Environmental Pollution Control measures for industrial and infrastructure development projects. The company serves as Environmental Partners for various organizations right from concept to commissioning. While the company's approach towards solutions is in accordance with the Waste Hierarchy (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Recover), it also works towards customer satisfaction based on QCDR (Quality, Cost, Delivery and Response) concept. The company is accredited by NABET that comes under the Quality Council of India.

As an Environmental Consultant Pollucare offers different types of services such as Consultancy Services, Turnkey Projects, Operation & Maintenance Services, Facility Management Services and Environmental & Food Testing Laboratory Services.

Consultancy Services
Under the consultancy services, the company conducts EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) studies, Environmental Clearance (EC) from MoEF (Ministry of Environment & Forest) and SEIAA (State Level Environmental Impacts Assessments Authority) for all sectors.

Pollucare conducts the Environmental Impact Assessment study on PAN India basis. The company plays a significant role in conducting these studies and with its mitigation measure, which is a critical part of the EIA process, as it helps in preventing adverse impacts from the planned project on the environment and people, ensuring that unavoidable impacts are maintained within acceptable levels.

"For India to become one of the developed economies we need to attract a lot FDAs (Foreign Direct Investment) but at the same time we should study the impact and have the mitigation measures to control this impact," says SaiBabu, Managing Director, Pollucare. "And, as consultants this is one of the major roles, we are playing in this consultancy service segment," he adds.

Pollucare serves as the project management consultant for some of the smart city projects as well. Environmental Pollution Control is also one of the subjects in the smart city projects, and for one of the corporations in Tamil Nadu, Pollucare is not only providing the Project Management Consultancy services but it is also serving as the monitoring agency for all the work being executed in the smart city projects.
Furthermore, Pollucare has established a joint venture with the Ecorys ­ economic research & consulting company located in the Netherlands, where Pollucare is offering project management consultancy services, in addition to the environmental consultancy service.

As per government norms, when any building is being demolished, a certain amount of the demolition wastes has to be re-used in the same place, for various constructive purposes. And the remaining amount of demolition waste will be sent to the corporations, where the concrete wastes would be powdered using pulverizers and transported to cement factories.

Talking about the Solid waste management consultancy service, Dr Saibabu states that, "Since Solid waste management is as big as the ocean, there are a lot of innovations being carried out at present and we are working for the corporations and municipalities for the solid waste management consultancy in the country."

Turnkey Project Services
Pollucare is a key player in providing Turnkey project services for water, wastewater and air pollution control measures. The designs, systems and execution of Pollucare are top-notch and in line with the CPCB guidelines.

Owing to water scarcity, the water has to be treated and used in most of the cities around the globe. Currently, these treated waters are used for gardening, and some of the sewage treated water is used for cooling tower purpose and air-conditioning. The company design, manufacture, supply, and carries out erection & commissioning of Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), Reverse Osmosis Plant (ROP), Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system and Multiple Effect Evaporator for industries.

Pollucare has established a joint venture with the Ecorys ­ economic research & consulting company located in the Netherlands, where Pollucare is offering project management consultancy services, in addition to the environmental consultancy service

"We are offering Sewage Treatment Plant with Principal Technologies such as MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor), ASP (Activated Sludge Process), MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor) and SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor)," affirms the Managing Director.

Operation & Maintenance Services and Facility Management Services
Pollucare offers full-fledged Operation & Maintenance service for ETP, STP, WTP, RO, ZLD and Evaporator plants equipped with skilled and semi-skilled operators. While the company ensures continuous and efficient running of the plant covering preventive and breakdown maintenance, it also suggests enhancements to improve the efficiency of plants.

"Wherever we set up the plant or wherever there is a problem, we address the problem. Be it in the water wastewater treatment plant, firstly we take over the plant and later we run the operation maintenance as well. In addition to the operation maintenance, we are also offering the facility management services for both the industries as well as commercial establishments," says SaiBabu explaining about the Operation Maintenance services.

Environmental & Food Testing Laboratory and Research Centre
Under Environmental and Food Testing Laboratory services, Pollucare conducts various types of tests such as Air quality analysis, Noise analysis, Stack analysis, water analysis, wastewater analysis, soil sampling & analysis and food testing services.

State-of-the-art laboratory
Pollucare's state-of-the-art laboratory located in Chennai is NABL accredited. The company conducts the aforementioned tests and provides the report to clients. Pollucare has a qualified and equipped team for sample collection, testing, analysis and generation of test reports. If the test results are not meeting the norms, the company provides suggestions to clients to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the pollution control equipment/system.

Experienced engineers with commendable skills
The Pollucare team comprises highly experienced engineers with commendable skills and international exposure who work passionately towards meeting Environmental Compliance in line with the client's requirements and adherence to statutory and legal requirements.

The road ahead
Owing to extensive exposure in international project management, Pollucare has successfully completed numerous infrastructure development projects with various industrial clients on EPC contract basis. With extensive experience and knowledge in this field, the company has designed, installed and commissioned number of treatment plants for various industrial sectors and infrastructure developments in South India.

Having carved a niche for itself in this landscape, Pollucare is planning to focus more on the expansion of Consultancy Services, Facility Management Services and Operations Management Services. "We are looking forward to bring a major change in the Consultancy Services of solid waste management and Project Management Consultancy(PMC) for the various Government Projects. And therefore, by 2025, we will be employing around 2500 people," concludes the successful Entrepreneur Dr Saibabu.

Eminent Leader, Entrepreneur And Environmentalist
Dr.S.Saibabu is a successful corporate professional who turned into most successful first generation entrepreneur. Dr.S. Saibabu, the Managing Director of Pollucare Engineers India has decades of experience in the field of Environmental Engineering and International exposure in Project Management. He is an eminent leader, entrepreneur and environmentalist. He has established Pollucare Engineers with a robust and resourceful team comprising skilled personnel with hands on international exposure.

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