The Brightest Few Spotlight 2022

The fact that challenges are tremendously swamping the business and industries today, is not a news to anyone, but how emerging start-ups are comprehending to these evolution trends is extremely appreciable. Studies affirm that even India has evolved from being in its nascent startup landscape to becoming the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world, after the US and China.

The scope of growth is not limited to the existing markets in this digital and technology driven world today. Companies are tapping onto new markets segments as per the needs of the consumers and even adding onto the ubiquitous products or services portfolio applying their unique and innovative concepts. Startup businesses have emerged as the growth drivers of the world's sixth-largest economy i.e, India. The employment landscape has also significantly benefitted from the startup ethos in India.

Rising up to employment generation responsibility rate of about $2.66 trillion GDP, it is evident that India will no longer succumb to the dominance of western powers. Under the skilled guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the unicorn wave in India has hit the country so hard, that in little to no time, India has become a hub for foreign investors to pour in their money for better profits generation. According to the Economic Survey 2021-22, India has over 61,400 startups recognized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), with at least 14,000 recognized during fiscal year 2022. India's unicorns are even expanding their roots worldwide. Well, primarily digital is the wave that has greatly boosted this growth, soaring high the space tech startups in India.

Be it business communication, consulting industry, brand marketing, or others starups landscape have been performing extensively at light speed to adapt to change and bring about new wave of business enlightenment across industries. Trusted resources relay that the Indian startups snagged record investments of up to $3.5 billion across 130 deals through January, marking a decadal high amid a downturn in global markets and signaling sustained investor interest. Even the snarling COVID-19 pandemic gave a positive boost to the startup industry in the past few years.

Acknowledging their remarkable accomplishments in business across significant sectors, in this issue of Startup City magazine brings you a `Spotlight Edition ­ September - 2022' list featuring a few companies which were selected by comprehensive examination by industry CEOs, VCs, CXOs and StartUp City editorial board. We truly expect these institutions to meet your needs and we assure you that the list is prepared as we recognize the valuable contributions of the industries in the ever- expanding and competitive market.