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Rashmi Chadha, Founder, WovoyageThe inception story of Delhi based Wovoyage is a true inspiration for women who love to travel! The idea dates back to a time when Rashmi Chadha was working as a freelance travel guide. Rashmi, a sports lover spent most of her time playing sports like judo, handball, netball and cricket during her school days. With passage of time, meeting new people and visiting new places fuelled her interest towards travel all the more.

Later while conducting a few tours as a freelancer, Rashmi researched on foreigners travelling to India, especially females. She found out that foreign female travellers really wanted to travel to India, but they felt insecure. She also came across researches which showed the need of genuine travel assistance when foreigners travel to India. The fact that international women travellers were being underserved invigorated her thoughts towards creating a platform that could ensure a safe tour for women travellers and assist them with women tour guides. This led to the inception of Wovoyage in 2016, a first-of-its-kind travel firm specifically aimed at female travellers.

Uniting a majority of solo women travellers, Wovoyage creates women-friendly customized packages, assign them expert women guides to make a safe and fearless travel for foreigners and at the same time empower Indian women with employment. “Whatever destination you have in mind, Wovoyage has a huge selection of guided tour packages for you to choose from. We’ve been creating strategic partnerships with chartered guiding companies for many years now. That’s why it really is a no brainer for us to offer our travellers a variety of tour options so they can pick the ones that suit them best,” explicates Rashmi.

Doing Travel Better
Everyone has different approaches and priorities when it comes to travel planning. The team members at Wovoyage have various areas of expertise in order to cover all of their clients’ travel needs. Whether planning an upcoming trip for work or leisure, the team leaves no stone unturned to make the booking process easy and enjoyable.

Wovoyage act as a one-stop platform that assists travellers with flight booking, bus booking, customized travel packages too any famous places across India. “We do
some offbeat places as well. For example - we assist a lot of travellers to Auroville (next to Pondicherry), Bhutan, Malaysia and Singapore. We are specialized in Japan. We help them to low down the budget, work as a travel consultancy. We charge our fee as a travel consultant and design their itinerary,”she mentions.

Wovoyage act as a one stop platform that assists travellers with flight booking, bus booking, customized travel packages too any famous places across india

She further adds, “Ours is not a money-making business only. We focus on providing quality services. When it comes to foreigners, we provide language assistance and several security & safety measures. Also, we have come up with car-pooling package that brings people together, saves time & definitely reduces cost”.

Creating a Safe Space for Women Travellers Since inception, team Wovoyage has conducted over 100 trips. Their first trip was to Rajasthan where the youngest traveller was aged 20 years and elder women aged between 54-55. Be it women groups, couples and senior citizens (preferably women), they assign them all a personal manager on call or email to answer every query.

Wovoyage has packages of weekend trips around India to non-famous cultural and natural places with special opportunities for modern sport activities and traditional experiences. They have comparatively low prices, an English guide and appeals to foreign travellers and expats in India. Then there is a unique value proposition differentiation with its convenience, including a ready package, simplicity of booking, pick up from several locations, and language guidance. The emotions that the service evokes are a feeling of adventure, fun, and having a unique experience.

Wovoyage gives travellers an opportunity to discover new corners of the world at unbeatable prices. “Our strategy is to understand the travellers’ mind and provide them those packages. Without customer’s satisfaction we would be nowhere in this industry, so what our clients say is extremely important to us,” speaks Rashmi.

Live to Travel
Wovoyage sums up in three things - Promoting Incredible India, Women Empowerment & Women Employability. The team is currently working on making a robust presence in the web. “First find what you are good at. Second do what you are good at and success will be yours. That’s what I did,” concludes Rashmi on a positive note.

Key Management
Rashmi Chadha, Founder, Wovoyage
Rashmi did her schooling from DAV Public School, Rohini; Graduation in Journalism & Communication from GGSIP; and Masters in Social Entrepreneurship from Ambedkar University.

“I was not very bright in studies till 6th standard and spent most of my time playing sports like judo, handball, netball and cricket etc. My mom always supported me, guided me, and inspired me. I was so bad in studies that I had to repeat my 6th standard, and my juniors used to tease me and I was very unhappy with that. As I was good in sports, I became the first student who represented my school at nationals in two sports. That changed my life and I got tremendous support from my family, and sports coach Sanjeev Sharma Sir”.