A Promising Future of NCR Indeed

Contrary to popular belief, seeking a job has become a time-consuming procedure in the age of seamless chores. This includes everything from honing a CV and locating the ideal opportunity to needing to fill out numerous forms and then waiting to hear from a potential employer. According to the Society of Human Resource Management, if an employment application is excessively lengthy or difficult to read, nearly 60 percent of job seekers give up midway through. On the other hand, hiring managers frequently waste time sorting through a tonne of resumes just to select the wrong applicant.

How easy would it be if a candidate could receive recommendations for relevant employment automatically? Or maybe employers might identify a candidate who is a good fit for both the position and the workplace culture? Such approaches to even stranger difficulties confronting the recruitment sector abound.

The global recruitment market is now worth over $400 billion, and given the track record of Indian business people in the HR sector, we have reason to assume that the next unicorn may come from this sector.

The major names in the Indian recruitment market include, Google Jobs, Facebook Jobs, and LinkedIn. Although there are 23,000 traditional recruitment agencies in India, some recruitment companies have carved out a niche for themselves, making it difficult for startups in the industry. This issue introduces you to those new niche companies in this fiercely competitive market. The featured startups herein are some of the most unique problem solvers and innovators, making headway to catapulting the entire value-chain of recruitment. Do let us know what you think.