A Shift From 'Digital Divide' To 'Digital Unite & Knowledge For All'

"Evolutionary changes from text extraction & recognition to augment & automate human interaction via AI"

One of the basic tool of communication is Language, thusly one of the greatest gift of human beings is to Communicate. India being a multilingual country with 22 official languages and about 1650 dialects, Natural Language Processing has a wide range of applications in the Indian context. Natural Language Processing (NLP), is a branch of artificial intelligence. NLP includes speech synthesis, Speech recognition, and Machine translation.

Consequent to the revolution in information technology, the concept of communicating with machines enables more users to enjoy the benefits of information technology, Hence forth, NLP has grown significantly due to many reasons like the extensive use of World Wide Web, high computing power of computers, business applications and mobile communication systems. It plays a prominent role in the modern communication technology.

Natural Language processing is multidisciplinary area of science. It requires both knowledge and expertise from linguistics, computer scientists and technology experts. It has to be developed in line with Computational Linguistics (CLI), a scientific study of language from a computational perspective. CLI is an interdisciplinary field which draws on linguistic theory (phonology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics) and computer science (artificial intelligence, theory of computation, programming methods.

It is a knowledge framework that acts as a backbone for knowledge integration platforms. The scope of natural language processing looks promising and it will continue to escalate across various enterprise applications. There are a growing number of NLP startups in India and globally offering a large range of solutions. These NLP startups are making greater strides and helping in better conversational aspects. Some of the imperative applications and benefits include Speech Synthesis, OCR for Indian languages, host of agent-side apps and analytics dashboards for the holistic management of multilingual customer interactions. a multi-use AI software that enables users to interact with their PC using voice commands in most of the dialects of the world, and many more. Therefore, they are striking harder to build AI applications accessible to B2C users at a fractional cost and with a high quality user experience. They are lending helping hand for developers to build, deploy and manage their applications and also accessible to B2C users through monthly subscription plans.

This edition also makes a detailed analysis of Natural Language Processing Startups in India, and suggests practical solutions.Do let us know what you think!