An Overarching & Overrated Shift from Physical Classrooms to Cloud & Subscription

User friendly, flexible, less time consuming stakeholder, SaaS is cloud based software that is helping the education system to evolve effectively and effortlessly. It is making both teaching and learning process more creative, upgraded, and simple. Thus, this simplified software is more reliable and relatable for education purpose. Currently, it is a boon for both teachers and learners to thrive and generate good outcome via amalgamation of education content and technology.

Why do you think SaaS based edtech platforms are more beneficial and have greater impact on the Education System?
Today, the Education system has evolved tremendously and has spread its wings to provide quality based education for both ‘abled' and ‘disabled' children. In today's context seeking education at par with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Nearly entire spectrum of learners can access content due to tech-based educational services such as e-learning courses, video lectures, career guidance, profile building opportunities, assessments and assignments for students, teachers, and institutions. Further, SaaS-based platforms also offer features such as virtual classrooms, video conferencing, content management, student tracking and analytics, and more.

Undoubtedly, SaaS-based platforms are reshaping the whole concept of education, learning and careers. There is an outstanding flow in making educations more accessible and affordable. In order to shape the future of students, these platforms are reshaping complete services rendered by schools, colleges, and institution via gamification and personalized learning methods and techniques.

The new trend setters, the SaaS-based platforms are not only safeguarding and skyrocketing the present and future of students in fact it is also protecting students and institutions data. It is furnishing high level of security with the help of encryption and authentication technologies. Updates and backups helps students and institutions to fly high and fly free from cyber threats and attackers.

As a whole, SaaS-based platforms are setting the standards of education high and promising to surpass all the hassles & hurdles and strive & strike for educational development.