AR VR Startups Are Being The Game Changers

Nandini Mukherjee, Managing EditorAugmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies have been witnessing an exponential growth in the Indian market, in the recent years. AR/VR technology has vouched to be the future and potential to impact all possible industry verticals right from education, healthcare, retail, travel, training, simulation, entertainment & gaming industry. According to reports, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality market are expected to grow at an estimate of 6.5 billion by 2022. Currently, India's AR/VR/MR industry is in its nascent stage and it is growing eventually.
India has traditionally had a number of mostly small companies using some of these technologies for marketing, brand experience. However, these capabilities are now seen to expand to the industrial segment with many large global companies engaging with Indian companies for training and maintenance solutions. Also, the startup scene in this space is gradually picking up. There are a number of startups working in the field of virtual and augmented reality world. Venture capitalists are also backing such innovative startups in the segment. In the last few years, only about 170 startups have emerged in the AR/VR space but the number is increasing.

Witnessing the development, in our current edition, we have featured a list of “10 Best Startups in AR VR – 2020”. The list encompasses some of the innovative startups in the AR VR space that offers multiple levels of functionality across sectors fuelled by demand from business and consumer sectors. We also recommend you to read our cover story on VR2ality, a full service Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content start up that creates powerful experiences for enterprises.

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