Attention. Thank you for your Attention.

Remember Fevicol Ads right? The brand has been setting benchmarks in creative Ads. Honorable mention of the Rajasthan Tourism Ad with the two Camels seated facing opposite directions making it look like a traditional ethnic moustache with two birds resembling the eyes. Truly, Jane kya dikh jaye.

Why only the corporate? Government too has jumped on the bandwagon. Kolkata Police literally used The Beatles' Abbey Road album cover to tell people to use the zebra crossing. The billboard read; 'If they can, why can't you?' Pretty Smooth.

As a digital marketer or business, standing out from the crowd has never been more difficult.

When there are six other commercials out there that are identical to yours and are all vying for attention, how can you surprise and thrill your audience? Making a fresh campaign can seem like a losing struggle in a time when people consume media on various platforms and engage with it.

But just when you're ready to give up, a fresh fad emerges to show us that creative advertising is still alive and well. Commercial messages are constantly bombarding consumers, yet many of them go unnoticed. The difficulty for marketers is to design ads that genuinely stand out and break through the noise in a social media environment where commercial messages are rapidly being tuned out in favour of user-generated content.

A compelling marketing effort makes an emotional connection with customers. It's more than just an advertisement; it's the entire experience, which boosts sales and fosters brand loyalty. More often than not, people don’t like taking the time to look at or read advertisements, so creative advertising is important to attract attention and benefit the advertiser. An image and concise strapline should suffice. More now than ever, ads need to matter to consumers. They need to tap into something that sparks a reaction, they need to reach the right people at the right time, and they need to leave a lasting impression.