Bangalore Powered by Synergy between Thriving Startup Culture & Deep Pool of Talent

A common trope lately being used in digital sketches about, `Boomer Indian parents' is their undying belief in a conventional profession. Dressed in checkered shirts, bot bellied and with thick glasses through which they are squinting and reading a newspaper, while accosting their children to look for a `stable job'. While the stereotype has been done to death, yet it still continues to be relevant.

People from the previous generation still consider government jobs or positions at Bluechip companies as the ideal profession. And they might not be wrong. Hailing from a generation that had to grow up devoid of abundance of any kind, the lure of a safe and stable job is understandable. For them, on the other side of the spectrum was a `startup'.

While a few years back, even thinking about working for a young and upcoming startups was considered risky. The Indian startup ecosystem was still in its nascent stages and digitization had just begun. But the scenario has completely changed now. With the Indian startup ecosystem emerging as the world's third largest and various companies touching zenith of success, startups are the `It Place' for young and aspirational professionals. Not only are startups high pace, high value generating, innovation driven enterprises, but they also exude a young energy which attracts the young crowd. Such firms also present greater learning and growth opportunities for young professionals.

A haven for aspiring professionals in Bangalore. A millennial friendly city with a thriving startup culture, Namma Bengaluru as it is fondly called, is the ideal city for professionals. To its advantages is the high density of tech based startups. The city recorded more tech-startups founded since 2016 than Mumbai and Delhi combined. Bangalore based startups also top the list in terms of capital raised, having raised more money than Delhi and Mumbai combined since 2016. It also has the highest concentration of Unicorns and Soonicorns in India.

Complementing the high growth startup culture is Bangalore's young population. About 37 percent of the city's population falls within the age group 15 to 35 years. This young energy is complimented by a sizeable technical talent pool as it is home to over 100 engineering colleges churning out over 90,000 engineering graduates every year.

A synergistic relationship exists between startups and the young & talented population of the city. In keeping with this thought, we at StartupCity thought it prudent to shine the spotlight on some of the young and upcoming startups in the city that have been attracting great talent. And for good reason. These firms have fostered a positive work environment while presenting greater learning and growth opportunities to its workforce. Read on to know what makes these startups the most coveted firms to work for.

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