Bangladesh could be the Next Tiger Economy

Funding and good infrastructures are the vertebrae of any country's startup skeleton. If we had to draw comparison between Bangladesh and other developed nations like Germany or the US, most Bangladeshi youths, who have the mentality to sail up the tide, think outside the box, and exhibit creativity suffer from a lack of a well organized, spontaneously driven, and strategically performed Start up infrastructure.

Bangladesh is still picking pace with the ideas of co-working space and venture capitalist funding.

Besides, to innovate, one needs an environment that lets the flow of ideas running and helps keep one's mind fresh. While a great number of economic zones are planned across the country, there is a lack of a term Startup City that is lively, colorful, and vibrant. Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh is not an easy feat given the implementation challenges, and building a clientele. In addition to individual skills, it requires a perfect environment, investor or fund, and a team to support innovation and accordingly needs to help implement the plan.

Now is the time to provide ways for sustainable development of skills through intercultural and multi generational training, from which a more prosperous Bangladesh may emerge in the next ten years. An effective ecosystem, Strong infrastructures, and a culture to attract candidates towards a startup are crucial for Bangladesh.

Beating all odds and racing against the fall backs, some startups have held the flag high with their impeccable track record and stellar performance. This edition brings some of the key problem solvers and innovators in the Bangladesh region.