Building Start-Up Culture That Leads With Innovation

Gurgaon one of the popular financial and technological hubs of India, has evolved from being an agrarian powerhouse to a start-up city in the recent times. Its proximity to the country's capital and the international airport helped it become the millennium city that we see today. While being home to already established businesses, the city has contributed significantly to the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem. In fact, some popular startups are incubated in this city. The exponential growth of the city and flourishing business enterprises has attracted people from all over the country. For any start-up that is aiming for a pan India presence, the city acts as a mini-laboratory for experimenting with its products and services.

Gurgaon has the vision, the human ware in terms of investors, think tanks, talent pool and a growing customer base. Like all startups that go on to become successful companies, the city invests in infrastructure and at the same time utilises the advantage of being an innovation action hub. Across verticals are the Pune-based start-ups that values impeccable results, expert solutions and substantiated ROI. Since startups are often run by a small team working closely together, their "culture" is typically a reflection of the founding team's passions and personalities. In most situations, each individual working in a start-up contributes to the overall culture. Such progressive start-ups have evolved in their understanding of what it takes to make the employee experience a more human experience that is engaging, positive, and fulfilling.

In our current edition, we list down "10 Best Startups to Work For - Gurgaon". These start-ups truly understand the workplace culture and that the investment of focus, time, and resources will pay off in higher talent, better communication, increased productivity, and customer loyalty. Also, with these kind of developments in the coming days, the future of these startups look bright.

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