Construction Consulting Startups

Any building project is multi-disciplinary. Construction work requires site managing, a consultant team, and project team. Buildings need designing and building meaning there is a design team and design consultants.

To help with this, construction consultants can provide project management along with estimates on cost, create budgets, help select contractors, administer building contractors, and even resolve differences between contractors and project owners. Civil engineers and architects with extensive construction experience can be construction consultants.

A construction consultant is used to prepare and issue contracts to construction companies for the project owner. Once bids from companies have been received the consultant helps review them. The decision can be based on prices or experience.

They are advocates for the project manager and ensure that contractors fulfil the conditions outlined in the contract documents. They act as a quality assurance and verify the quality of materials purchased for a project.

Construction consultants do not only estimate budgets and spending but then follow on with a full estimate and cost planning. They can provide property advice and valuations of projects through site visits. In this issue of the Startup City magazine, the editorial team represents Construction Consulting Startups for business development and access to a world of excellent business conduct.