Creating Virtual Replica is the New Trend in setting New Standards in MANUFACTURING & PRODUCTION

Creating a visual representation and finalizing the physical product or service will always help in analyzing and finalizing investment, designs, errors, and reduces waste too.

Digital twinning concept is winning in the manufacturing world. Digitization is uplifting manufacturing and production standards. In every aspect of industry field, technology is playing a vital role. Ask me how and why? The growing complexities in the process of any industry are addressed by virtual representations.

Is digital twin for healthcare? aerospace? manufacturing? education? or all of the above? and the layperson can easily get tangled and trapped by the maze of contradictory and complex definitions swirling around. I can say, the digital twin has been categorized into manufacturing, construction, medical devices & pharmaceutical, defense, transportation & logistics, energy, utilities, and others. So, it is not only leveraged in one or two sectors in fact it is utilized in various sectors.

Almost all the sectors believe in the potentiality of digital twin. Yes! All the companies are humming about the new and steady concept ‘digital twin’. This term is very much ubiquitous in every person’s mouth who wants to invent and promote their uniqueness. The amalgamation of physical and virtual representation is electrifying the products and solutions. Digital twin is nothing but integration of software to create virtual representation of physical product or service i.e. presentation of any product virtually is the new trend in order to invest smartly, and save time & energy. The Digital twin market is an amalgamation of various enabling technology providers such as virtual and augmented reality, visualization, and simulation software.

The visual representation of these types of digital twins is carried out by various enabling technologies such as Enterprise IoT platforms, asset performance management software, analytics software, or simulation tools created by various software vendors and service providers. The valuable feedbacks extracted via virtual representation helps in cutting down operating cost and enhance the effectiveness of the products and solutions.

Encapsulating software to create and showcase a component, asset, system, process, or enterprise, is booming and is anticipated to bode well for the market growth over the next few years. The market growth is primarily driven by the increasing adoption of enabling technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Enterprise Internet of Things(IoT) platforms, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR).The digital twin market size was valued at $17.5 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 36.3 percent over the forecast period.

Therefore, if one has to innovate or create a new thing, digital twin is the boon for such new ideas. The ‘product avatar’ available in the physical world will also have access in the virtual world. Undoubtedly, this concept has shown considerable potential in various fields and has set its standards. Thus, the evolution of technology is revolutionizing the potentiality of many industries to maintain quality and effectiveness of the products. This identical concept is indeed minimizing the issues and maximizing the benefits by providing a clear picture of the model and guiding to rectify the errors in prior.