Delhi NCR, a Worthy Opponent to Bangalore Startup Ecosystem

The Indian startup ecosystem has been on a meteoric rise for the past few years. Having clinched the third highest spot after US and China, the Indian tech startup landscape has witnessed the rise of several successful startups within the past five years or so. For years, Bangalore was touted as the Silicon Valley of the East and the foremost startup hub in the country. However, a new entrant has been seen making great strides in rising in ranks and that city is Delhi NCR.

A 2020 StartpBlink report that tracks startup ecosystems placed Bangalore and Delhi NCR on the 14th and 15th spot respectively. The city also saw a rise in ranks in terms of ease of doing business as compared to other cities. In august 2020, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had kick started the consultation process for Delhi's new policy for startups. The steps taken henceforth worked wonders and today Delhi NCR is one of the most sought after location for upcoming startups and entrepreneurs.

Fintech remains one of the top most sectors to thrive in the Delhi NCR region. Other than these edtech, enterprise tech, e-commerce. Traveltech etc are some other burgeoning sectors for the region. Speaking about attracting investments, it was Delhi NCR based fintech firms that won the battle attracting almost 20.6 percent of the total capital invested between 2014 and 2020. This was followed by ecommerce startups that raked in 17.6 percent, traveltech that received 15.2 percent, followed by cleantech at 15.1 percent, consumer services at 11.4 percent and logistics that made 5.9 percent of the total funding.

A major factor behind Delhi NCR being home to successful startups that attracted ample investment is the fact that it combines the advantages of being a metropolitan city while also being the national power center. With great purchasing power and addressable base working for its favor, Delhi NCR is also armed with holistic participation of various stakeholders including government, VC, start-ups, institutions and market opportunities alike.

The city is also host to most number of startups in India. Home to almost 10 percent of Indian incubation centers the region has a surplus of talented workforce that has actively participated in making Delhi NCR one of the most lucrative spots for startups.

With great opportunities springing up across the region, the young workforce has been reaping increasing benefits. Startups aplenty, Delhi NCR is the `it place' for talented professionals.
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