Economical Cost of Living & Solid Support System Helping Kolkata Climb the Charts of Success

The Covid 19 crisis has been an eye opener for the world in more ways than one. One of the most resounding realizations to have come out of the pandemic is that the nation must collectively fortify its defense in terms of healthcare and life science. While the infectious virus confined us all within our homes and mandated that we all maintain physical distance, there emerged various healthcare challenges as well. Unlike the first wave where supply chains were disrupted due to the nationwide lockdown, 2021s second wave brought about acute problems pertaining to sound diagnostic support, availability of medical resources and swift detection of the virus.

Much like last year, this year as well, the life science industry was again faced with the realization that critical aspects such as drug discovery, releasing self-diagnostics/POC kits, conducting clinical trials and launching therapies required ample time. However, the needs of these solutions is immediate.

The Indian life science sector is vast and plays a critical role in strengthening the economy while putting India on the global healthcare map. Consisting of growth driving segments such as medical devices, diagnostics, clinical research, pharmaceuticals and digital healthcare among various others, the industry has shown immense resilience during the current unrelenting pandemic scenario. The Covid 19 crisis has also opened our eyes to the critical role played by young and upcoming life sciences players and solution providers in solidifying the backbone of the nation.

Over the last few years India has been witnessing several young startups creating innovative and cost effective solutions and products. One corner of the country saw a young startup create solutions to digitally assure sanitation; another saw the development of an AI based automated system that detects the severity of pneumonia. While one firm developed smart ventilators that reduced lung damage & sped up its use time; another created a digital advisory platform that connects doctors, social workers & psychologists with patients for support. However, each of these young entrepreneurs understand the industry's requirements and delivered innovative solutions to remedy the same.

The unrelenting Covid 19 crisis has brought with it a host of opportunities that these young life science startups have grabbed by the horns. Additionally, tech trends such as AI, Machine Learning, deep learning and block chain etc have helped these startups develop truly unique and impactful offerings. Building on the growing momentum provided by rising incomes and health & technological awareness across the country, life science startups are slated to rise in the post Covid 19 world.