Entrepreneurs In Nepal Are Being The Agents Of Change

Nandini Mukherjee, Managing EditorA home to the highest mountains in the world, Nepal has been steadily growing in importance and is an important source of revenue. Despite the odds due to the prolonged political instability, entrepreneurship in Nepal is catching pace over the last couple of years. With the political instabilities gradually clearing, more and more young people are opting entrepreneurship. Fascinated by the growth of some of the world's most influential companies, some of which started in garages or college dormitories, they have become attracted towards realising their idea of bringing products and services that are innovative and disruptive.
Unlike traditional businesses that are engaged in activities in the areas of trading, manufacturing and service sector, startups are taking distinct approaches in different domains of business. For instance, IT has been a favourite area among the youth these days. Rising internet access, widening of mobile services and the increasing use of social media, among other factors, has helped them to come up with various types of IT related services and products like mobile apps, e-commerce and web solutions. Similarly, there are several startups engaged in a range of other activities like urban farming, biomedical waste management, clean drinking water, premium leather products, eco-friendly housing solutions, biotech, zero-emission brick production, and even unique services like surprise planning of personal events. Such startups are supported by Startups Nepal initiative that promotes entrepreneurial atmosphere and further boosts up the startup energy to entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders to build a thriving startup ecosystem in Nepal.

Realising this, we have featured a list of "10 Best Nepal Startups 2020" in our current edition. With more encouragement and guidance from investors, and support organisations, Nepal can continue to move forward in growing its entrepreneurial ecosystem to create jobs, drive economic growth, and allow for success stories to emerge from this market.

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