Free of Gluten, Free from 'Harmful Effects'

Do you know why Gluten-free food is preferred?
Eating Healthy is not just eating Healthy because there is more to add-on to this concept of EATING HEALTHY. And for this mindful eating is very important, as it stems from mindfulness and has deeper connect with one’s thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. And to maintain healthy mindfulness one must surely binge on healthy food rather than junk food. Precisely, both ideas are inter connected because good eating builds good living.

For a few people, eating gluten-rich foods like bread, pasta or wheat oriented food items leads to gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Gluten gives shape, strength, and texture to bread and in return it also gives shape to many adverse health effects. And both are quite different from one another. Celiac disease can cause gluten to trigger immune responses and damage small intestine’s lining, whereas gluten intolerance results in shortterm bloating and belly pain. Eventually, it is quite mandatory to identify and test our body so that one remains safe and healthy. And to solve this issue, one’s self analysis is not just required in fact consulting a doctor will surely be helpful. Therefore, it is a trend and most of the people prefer Gluten free food in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

And a few facts about Gluten to be known are, till today not even technology has been succeeded in analyzing the measure of reliability presence below 20ppm. And this does not have much negative effects. In addition, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) acclaims and encourages food product manufacturers, hotel and restaurants to adopt and promote Gluten-free labeling.
As a result, avoiding Gluten is not easy but not even difficult too.