Gurgaon Is Offering A Solid Startup Ecosystem

Nandini Mukherjee, Managing EditorGurgaon is counted amongst the popular financial and technological hubs of India. The city is much famous for the corporate offices of MNCs and conglomerates; nearly every major corporation has an establishment in the city. Gurgaon also has the third highest per-capita income in India, the presence of various brands and businesses there being a major factor. An interesting fact is fact that Gurgaon while being home to already established businesses has contributed significantly to the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem. In fact, some popular startups are incubated in this city. In the recent years, Gurgaon is booming best startup destination all along with superlative
facilities and encouraging ecosystem.

To incubate more number of startups, the Government of Haryana and NASSCOM has set-up a 16-acre warehouse in Gurgaon. This is not one and only program to make healthy startup ecosystem but many other networking platforms are also taking start-ups, mentors and investors together to incubate more startups along offering one-on-one mentorship. High population from different states has enabled these startups hire great talent at low cost. The exponential growth of the city and flourishing business enterprises has attracted people from all over the country. For any startup that is aiming for a pan India presence, the city acts as a mini-laboratory for experimenting with its products and services.

Amongst the various startups that are mushrooming in the city, marketing startups are of special mention. While highly effective marketing is a make-or-break necessity for most businesses these days, these startups are ensuring that they deliver brand experience consistently, efficiently and professionally across all the channels. In our current edition of startupcity, we have featured a list of "10 Most Promising Gurgaon Marketing Startups". The list features new-age marketing startups that are making a mark in Gurgaon by valuing impeccable results, expert solutions and substantiated ROI.

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