Gurgaon's Evolution From Dust To Diamond

The Indian tech startup success story has taken the entire global business world by storm. Breaking free from its stereotypical image as the land of elephants and snake charmers, India has emerged as the epicenter of innovation in the realm of tech services and products. A similar success story has been chartered by the city of Gurgaon. Recently renamed as Gurugram, the city was a mere dot on the Indian map till a few years ago. Known majorly for its agrarian contribution to the Indian economy, till a couple years ago, Gurgaon was just another village close to the Indian capital. But as time went by and Delhi became crowded and expensive for new and upcoming startups, the action gradually made its way to the dusty lanes of Gurgaon. A few years went by and Gurgaon has today emerged as a futuristic city which is the second most successful tech startup hub in India, ranking only after India's Silicon Valley, Bangalore.

However, unlike Bangalore that had the advantage of a long history of being home to institutes for R&D and technical education, Gurugram's journey is like a diamond rising out of dust. A major role has been played by the city's proximity to the Indian capital, Delhi and IG International airport. The central and state government's have also been mindful about promoting the city's growth as startup hub by way of launching policies to incentivize the development of IT Parks and Special Economic Zones.

Gurgaon, which houses offices for almost every major multinational firm is also a preferred destination for entrepreneurs to establish startups in. This is fuelled by the city large availability of office spaces. In this as well Gurgaon is second only to Bangalore which has about 155 million sqft. As compared to Bangalore, Gurgaon has 60 million sqft of office stock.

Given Gurgaon's proximity to Delhi which is the epicenter for business, finance and education, there exists a strong pool of talent and R&D facilities. As a city that has emerged very recently, it also has an infrastructural advantage. With its tall business parks, metro lines running across, freeways and a thriving social scene, the city is built for a young demographic. There also exists a considerable cost advantage as well, making it a city of choice for entrepreneurs and professionals alike. The city also has the third highest per-capita income in India, making it an aspiration city for young professionals.

As a young and thriving city, Gurgaon's growth journey has just begun and we believe, the best is yet to come.

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