Indian Agriculture Goes Hi-Tech With Modern Approach

Agriculture is one of the most hyped and yet the most untapped sectors with an immense potential to change the current standards of the Indian economy. Though agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for more than 58 percent of the Indian population, the industry is in the clutches of various pressing challenges such as erratic rainfall, rising cultivation and management costs and country's over-dependency on monsoon. The complex-cum-middlemen dominated supply chain worsens the farmers' sufferings while the menace of over dosage of chemical is killing India's healthy population, on the other side. With smart technologies being omnipresent more than ever before, the Agricultural sector has not remained untouched. Upcoming technologies and the constant support of the Government of India have motivated the growth of numerous new Agritech start-ups over the past few years. With Government backed policies and strong engagement of the industry and institutions, agriculture is rapidly evolving into agribusiness in terms of approach and structure.

Today, most Indian farmers still struggle with traditional farming methodologies. With the advent of mobile and digital revolution in the nation, most start-ups are now carving a niche in the market by addressing the grass-root level problems to broader level management concerns through different solutions like farm produce aggregation, farm automation, farm management solutions, organic farming, and process innovations. From using hydroponics and drones to setting up agri-equipment ventures are not just providing efficient technologies, products and services to the farmers, but are also aiding the consumers on the other hand. The exacerbate landscape of farming has paved the way for a new breed of technology-based start-ups which are driven by innovation and automation.

Taking note of this, in this edition of Startupcity magazine we have featured a list of `10 Best Agritech Startups ­ 2020'. This carefully crafted list comprises of young firms that have adopted innovative technological solutions to cater to the problems within the agriculture sector. We have also illustrated the success stories of young firms which are going an extra mile to cater not just the agri-space but whose rich offerings are breathing a new life into this traditional sector. I hope the issue helps you in your future endeavours and we achieve our mission.

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