Indians turn towards Wellness Startups to Cope with the Physical & Mental Anguish

The world perceives India as the capital of health, wellness and holistic wellbeing. The stereotype is based on truth in my opinion. Indians have always undertaken a holistic approach to wellness and several everyday Indian traditions find roots in holistic wellness. Be it our mothers depending on home remedies for small ailments to our forefathers relying on ancient texts for cures to maladies of various kinds, wellness has been entrenched into our lives since time immemorial.

These traditions and knowledge have witnessed a resurgence over the past few decades as a counter to our modern day sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. As a consequence there have emerged several new age wellness service providers. The sector has found another strong ally in the Indian government that has invited players in the sector to invest in wellness under the flagship Make in India scheme.

The Indian wellness industry is one of the fastest growing segments across the world.TheIndian wellness industry was estimated to be worth INR 490 billion according to FICCI. The past decade has seen a growing rise in internet adoption which has resulted in social media becoming the most influential aspect of our lives. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have turned health and wellness into a vogue which has had a massive impact on the population across the globe. Today, we all want to look good and feel good.

While pre pandemic, the Indian wellness industry was slated to grow at 12 percent per year, the onset of the global pandemic has fuelled the industry's growth manifolds. As the pandemic compelled people to stay indoor for months and only venture out for necessities, several people felt the brunt of these harsh conditions. The pandemic also unleashed on people physical and emotional havoc. This has motivated more and more people to turn to wellness service providers to alleviate these challenges.

Be it yoga, meditation, restorative medicine, mental health services, weight training or nutrition, the market has witnessed the rise of startups in each segment. The Indian wellness industry is staring towards a booming future.
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