Influencer Marketing Start-ups are the Game Changers

Nandini Mukherjee Every industry has influencers – people who have the ability, because of their power or knowledge (real or perceived), to influence purchase decisions. The film industry has celebrities, fashion has models, and business has its magnates. The concept of influencer marketing is not anything new but it has gained momentum in the marketing circles in the recent past. Businesses are now seen spending a generous amount of their marketing resources on social media to spread good words about their products/services to their digital followers.

The underlying thought, in this case, is trust and it has been always been so. Considering the number of options and choices to go for we have today, we still at times fall short to decide what to buy and what not to buy. Influencer marketing exactly here has taken its place – more so for companies who desire to build a brand and achieve consumer trust. The trend was of large brands that were leveraging influencer marketing but now many SMEs and small companies are leveraging it.

Startups in this context have a wider poll of influencers and that’s why they recognize the value of influencer marketing. These start-ups are known to align with content creators to seamlessly thread a message about a company’s product or service in order to reach the following amassed by these one-time brand ambassadors. They meticulously use digital platforms to create a substantial following around their interests, thoughts, or personalities.
This current edition features a list of “10 Best Startups in Influencer Marketing”. These start-ups create deep impressions and make the product, even more, purchase worthy. Thanks to their content creation skills, buying influence has now become more natural, attractive, and mobilized. We also recommend you to read our cover story on “My Bataz’, an international brand community’s platform which aspires to be a social media network for all things Fashion!