Interior Design Startups Creating Dream Homes for All

The way art forms such as paintings, music, sculpture narrate a story, a home also speaks tons about those who reside in it. An amalgamation of who we are, where we come from and what are preferences is reflected in the houses that we live in. While back in the day, interior design and home décor was considered an elite concept, things have massively evolved now. Today's ‘Insta' generation not only has a wide world view but also has the aspiration of creating living spaces that reflect their personalities distinctly. Buying power is another factor that has piqued people's interest in interior design. With the real estate market growing consistently in India, interior design as an industry has also witnessed a rise in demand.

A culmination of these factors has made interior design a burgeoning industry in the Indian landscape. A report by Mordor Intelligence estimates that the Indian home interior and renovation market will be worth $20-30 Billion currently. The industry will grow at a CAGR of seven percent till 2026 said the report. With rising urbanization and growing income levels the industry is on an upward growth trajectory.

Today's tech savvy consumers have even made their homes smart. They also expect a touch of technology in the home interior process. As a consequence there has been a sharp rise in the number of new age home interior startups springing up all across the country. Going beyond the tier 1 cities, millennial consumers living in relatively smaller cities also aspire to have specially designed homes. Through these new age startups consumers from all across the country can leverage the expertise of professionals who can understand their vision and curate cost effective design options.

These interior design startups are also utilizing cutting edge technology such as AR/VR, 3D technology, AI etc to make the process and output seamless and efficient.

The current edition of StartupCity magazine shines the spotlight on upcoming and talented interior design startups that are creating a niche for themselves in the industry. Right from understanding the needs of their clients to executing the final output, these startups have streamlined the entire process and are creating dream spaces for their consumers.
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