It's Going to get More Real

With 500 million people between the ages of 15 and 35 who are digital natives and an estimated 420 million active online gamers, India is positioned to have one of the fastest expanding economies in the world. India is on the verge of dominating the video game industry. In India, which has about 420 million online gamers, there are over 400 gaming organizations, according to industry figures. The gaming sector is currently growing at a 38 percent annual rate.

Over time, the mobile gaming market has changed. Games are currently created for a variety of goals,including skill improvement, education and social interaction. For instance, MPL released the game 'MISSING' to spread awareness of human trafficking.

Games have become increasingly realistic as a result of the quick development of technology. Earlier games relied on two-dimensional text-based graphics, but they have now progressed to three-dimensional images and effects. With chances for online interactions within the game and the ability to experience immersive storytelling, the advanced technological advancements in gaming enable players to thoroughly immerse themselves in the gaming environment. Players can interact with people all over the world through online games.

There are possibilities to develop leadership and teamwork abilities as new video games are released. The gaming industry is currently incorporating new technology advancements like voice recognition, wearable gaming consoles, eye-catching visuals, facial recognition, gesture controls, augmented reality, virtual reality, and high definition screens. The gaming industry will also undergo a shift thanks to the Metaverse.

The AR & VR market is being heavily utilized by Metaverse, giving customers the chance to play more immersive and cooperative games. The digital asset market is led by blockchain technology, which offers specialised collectibles, character skins, digital arts, and much more. The combined efforts of the blockchain and Metaverse have the potential to fundamentally alter how we view the immersive gaming revolution that is about to take place.