Learn to Target, Unlearn the Old Experiences & Relearn to Increase Productivity

“Creativity and innovation are about finding unexpected solutions to obvious problems, or finding obvious solutions to unexpected problems.” – Rei Inamoto

Don’t you believe if one has to excel in the arena of advertising, one must be motivated to take RISK! To go hand-in-hand with the changing scenario, you must unlearn old, to be in sync with the new! Various organizations are relying on innovative advertising solutions. In 2021, the Indian advertising market was around $9.6 billion. It is projected to grow by 15.2 percent in 2023 to $12.8 billion and by 15.7 percent to $14.8 billion in 2024.

Though 2022 eased lock down restrictions yet it was a historic year for advertising. The pandemic-driven boom in impressions slowed down, prompting a dramatic pullback in ad spending that many were unprepared for. The ad downturn is extending past the summer, past the holiday season, and into 2023. Nearly 30 percent of major advertisers say they’re cutting their ad budgets into next year according to a World Federation of Advertisers(WFA) survey of 43 multi national companies.

The bottom line? But out of the downturn, new trends and leaders are beginning to emerge. The CTV ad spends grows; there will be an increasing need for more accurate and transparent measurement. 2023 will have massive opportunities for ad tech and measurement companies to find ways to give marketers better clarity into CTV.

This magazine is dedicated to bringing vast information on client’s ad knowledge via interactions, their data integration and personalize client feedback about the boom and downturn of Ad Industry and the trends. I hope you enjoy reading our issue.