Let's talk about Mental Health, Let's Prioritize Ourselves!

In today’s context, balancing our lives and transforming a positive change is little difficult! Same old busy life with more expectations and worries leads to over thinking which reduces our value to zero and puts us into depression. When it comes to mental health and stability, the situation is not so positive. This is not the time for hiding and locking the secrets within the four walls. It is the right time to spread awareness. Awareness is the key towards educating people about normalizing anything and everything related to mental health.

Talk about any city, any designation or any relationship what we all are looking forward for is commitment, expectations, reaching targets and so on. But none is worried about what if we get over involved and suffer! In the name of money, competition, and deadlines everything seems meaningless. We wholeheartedly blindfold ourselves, even our personal life and family is left behind without giving a second thought. It is better to reveal the inner demons rather than converting ourselves into one!

It is very important to address these issues with effective and productive solutions in order to bring change in the society. Today, we have empowering trusts like Aditya Birla Education Trust’s M Power who frequently conducts various activities to spread awareness about mental health. Grappling with mental issues is not the solution, in fact over coming with confidence is heroic.

The individuals aged 25 to 40 are vigorously becoming prey for mental illness. An important note for Millenials and Gen Zs, when you fail, learn; when someone laughs at you, smile when you are disappointed, try when you are feeling sick and low, dance…..the possibilities to feel better are endless. Therefore, shatter the stigma behind mental health, to feel beautiful, grateful, hopeful and mindful.

Exercise and physical activities promote the release of endorphins, natural mood enhancers that play a crucial role in coping with stress. Understanding this statement is mandatory! Remember! Rework! Respect! Recover! and Rejuvenate! Therefore, brainstorm effectively to bootstrap your life to the top. Start a good habit and infuse your life with physical activities and exercise. Lastly, plan your daily schedule in order to boost and bolster positivity and longevity in your life because life is good so relive with good mood and good food. Give up on victimhood, jealoushood and invalidhood to transform life validly, aesthetically and authentically.