Living up to the hyperbole

Before a few years ago, people had a propensity to be suspicious of people who had moved from their hometowns to live alone in the city for job and career progress. But not any longer. In metropolises and Tier I cities across India, single people moving to new cities is now more or less the norm, with hopefuls prepared to explore new perspectives and geographies like never before. Particularly millennials are moving to cities with expanding employment possibilities because they want a cosy place to live, unique places to hang out, a cosmopolitan setting, and chances to meet and connect with intriguing people.

Pune is one of the most beloved cities in India and a favourite among single working professionals throughout the country. Pune's large tech talent pool, Maharashtra's innovation-friendly legislation, and other factors have all contributed to the startup ecosystem's expansion. Recent research from the Centre for American Entrepreneurship dubbed it a “emerging global startup powerhouse.” Pune, a satellite city located about 75 miles from Mumbai, India's financial hub, has earned a number of nicknames over the years, including “Oxford of the East” “Maharashtra's Cultural Capital” and “India's Upcoming Metro.” The Maharashtra government's innovation-friendly policies and activities have been credited with a large portion of Pune's emergence as a startup cluster. Add to that the city's booming IT/ITeS and automotive sectors, accessibility to a top-notch education system, affordable housing, a large pool of IT talent, and a pleasant climate. TiE Pune, a nonprofit association of business owners, angel investors, and government employees, is also playing a vital part in the growth of Pune's startup ecosystem. Through its “Nurture@ TiE Pune” programme, it has actively helped more than 800 entrepreneurs over the last six years, according to KPMG.

A UK-based journalist who visited the city sometime in 2013-when India was on the verge of a startup revolution-found it to be "fresh and almost Californian in its energy".
And, the city has lived up to the hyperbole.