May the Thirst to Learn Never Quenches

The demand for a reputable degree in the country was best encapsulated by Jai Prakash Narayan (Indian freedom fighter) in his quote - "I have been appalled to find that only a small percentage of our students today are charged with a sincere desire for knowledge and skills. The rest want nothing more than a degree, which is prized not for its educational but commercial value. A degree for most student is a mere passport to employment."

Over the decades, the school education system of the country has undergone a sea-change. The steadily increasing use of technology has inspired child-centric approaches and garnered government's attention on developing a system shaped up in alignment with global-level evolution of school education system.

A report by ASSOCHAM reveals that 70% of the guardians from the highest to the base stratum of the social chain are in the favor of spending or giving a weighty entirety to these training establishments for the sake of instruction.

The individuals accept that coaching institutes help their children in solidifying what is taught in school, and that coaching is the main entryway for securing admission in esteemed establishments like the IITs and IIMs. The coaching industry has seen a phenomenal rise in the last six to seven years.

However, despite numerous efforts by both the private and public institutions the awareness about skill development still remains low among the Indian public. The priority is always towards certification and degrees. But that's changing now, with more and more institutes focusing on imparting education on more career friendly skills like IoT, Data Science, Digital Marketing.

This edition covers both the segments, keeping a balance for the demands of both the segments. The institutes listed inside have made remarkable contributions to India's educational needs.

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