Not 'Technology' but 'People' to be at the Center of Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

We are officially living in the digital age. The digital revolution that was gradually spreading across India over the past few years was put in top gear owing to the pandemic. Being compelled to stay indoors and isolated motivated more Indians to adopt the digital life. India was home to 622 million internet users in 2020, and the number is expected to grow by 45 percent by 2025 according to the IAMAI-Kantar ICUBE 2020 report. The number will touch a whopping 900 million!

In conjunction, India is also a country that heavily uses social media. In 2020, the country had 518 million social media users. The number is slated to grow to 1.5 billion by 2040. As a nation, we spent an average of 17 hours in a week on social media, which is higher than time spent by an average user in China and US.

With social media gaining increased momentum, the marketing game has also evolved drastically. Today, every brand irrespective of its stature and nature is looking to create a strong online presence in order to connect with the plethora of users and potential consumers who can be found on the digitalverse.

Over the years, marketing has evolved drastically to accommodate these new trends. Technology has also acted as game changer in terms of amplifying the effectiveness and efficiency of digital marketing solutions. With data driven solutions and AI based insights becoming the norm, digital & social media marketing has experienced a facelift.

We have also witnessed the rise of 'influencer marketing' over the past few years. Rendering an instant connect with niche audience, this trend has brought about a paradigm shift in how social media can be utilized to not only connect with consumers, but also aid brand discovery. A report suggested that 45 percent of brands used social media to increase their brand discovery. Additionally, gen Z and millennials also picked social media as their top choice to identify new and upcoming brands.

However, it is pertinent to note that the focus for social media marketing going forward will be on ‘people’. Brands must be cognizant that beyond the screens are real people with real emotions. Catering to their feelings, values and thought process will be the key to creating a successful social media marketing campaign.
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