Pet Walking to Pet Grooming is Booming via Technology

‘Juxtaposition of care and technology has resulted pet grooming stress-free to the pet groomers.'

Be it an excited cute Puppy or a lizzy lazy Cat, Pets bring lot of joy and happiness whether to a small child or to a pet parent. Owning a pet is pure and pleasure ful joy.

The Indian Pet industry is coming of age. It is becoming the most updated and fast growing market in the world. Due to rapid urbanization, changing standard of living of nuclear families and pet humanization in recent years have given way for rising and evolution of pet ownership across the globe.

India being the active contributor to this chain of development, Pet care market is a booming sector and it is expected to resonate beyond $1.3 billion by 2023 in India. Availing the comfort for the pets through technology has raised the convenience, thus pet requirement from food to grooming is just a tap away.

The emergence of e-Commerce has encouraged the increase in pet ownership and added value to the pet care ecosystem through retail chains, pet nutrition & pet care services. In return this has given rise to PetTech Startups. They are dedicated and committed to make pet care safe, easy and affordable. They are remodeling the pet industry with cutting-edge solutions for veterinary practices and pet parenting. So that everyone can experience the unconditional love from their PETS. They provide backend pet support team and help to build the confidence of pet parents. They offer doorstep services from pet food, furniture grooming, accessories, treats, toys to care & hygiene, vet on call, training, boarding, and online veterinary & behavioural consultation plans for pets which makes pet care journey burden free, fun, and healthy too.

We StartupCity magazine present you some of the startups that provide a platform for growing Pet care startups that curates one-stop solution for pet food, services, and supplies. They strike harder and effectively to introduce their work in order to reach their full potential audience.

`Building a loving and holistic world for Animals'