Red Carpets & Spotlights

Corporate and its alibis are continuously evolving, so keeping up with them could feel overwhelming. You can stay informed with the help of our Spotlight series. The Tech Summit is being held in Bengaluru for the 25th time. The Prime Minister called it the "red carpet for investors" at Asia's biggest IT event. FDI reforms, drone rule liberalisation, semiconductor industry moves, production incentive programmes in many industries, or increased corporate ease of doing business are only a few examples.

The chief minister of Karnataka also declared that a startup park would be built close to the airport in Bengaluru. The Chief Minister further said that within the following six months, plans for this park would be revealed. The park will serve industries including agritech and aerospace technologies. According to the CM, this park will support entrepreneurs from a variety of industries to propel the next stage of growth. In order to "encourage the growth of knowledge and technology sectors in the state," the state government will also establish six new high-tech cities (knowledge, science, and tech cities) throughout the state.

With Bengaluru, Delhi-NCR, and Mumbai making it onto the list of the top 20 most promising startup hubs, the Indian startup ecosystem has developed exponentially over the years, propelling the nation to the 19th position on the list of the top 100 startup hubs of the globe in 2021.

Bengaluru is regarded as the largest startup hub in the nation among these cities and was named the fastest-growing tech hub in the world in 2021. In addition to this, 44 of the 107 Indian unicorns live in the city.