Reformation, Reconstruction & Recovery of Women's Status from being Fragile to Frightening

From being submissive to being aggressive, from being enclosed within 4 walls to building 4 strong pillars of life, from being a supportive actress to taking a lead role, from being an employee to starting own business, from correspondent to founder & CEO, Women are everywhere. All thanks to technology and startup ecosystem to create an opportunity for women and encouraging them to chase their dreams. Earlier women were never courageous but today women are epitome of strength, courage and power. As technology is evolving, this in return giving rise to more startups and the growth & development of startups is further helping women to establish themselves in the business world. Today, nothing is impossible! Technology is the strongest support for building a business from any corner of the world. In the patriarchal society within the constructive set-up women have changed position from home maker to homes builder. The journey sailing in the society full of taboos and stereotypes was not easy yet women have carved their new niche path & position which cannot be shaken at any cost.

From craving for the position to carving a strong status, women have faced many barriers and simultaneously broken the barriers with hard work, creativity, innovation and firmness. Today, women’s presence is in every top industry, women have successfully proved that the IQ level of women is as high as men. Hence forth, from boxing to politics to scientist to cloud kitchen entrepreneur, women have nailed it with their potential ideas.

Startup ecosystem and government initiatives are empowering women to uplift themselves at every stage and fight for their rights. So, women are not only standing strong in empowering themselves in fact they are enhancing their skills and knowledge through education and high-end courses. Along with seeking education, women are enlightening their professional life by equally participating in civil and government jobs like UPSC, IAS, KAS, and so on. The path from dreams to success was small but the results are loud and evident enough to prove that, women can dream anything and achieve it successfully.

From the National Education Movement, a movement which was against women’s education to The Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women(CEDW)- initiative of the United Nations Organization (UNO), is an effective act to eradicate discrimination, the journey of struggle to journey of achievements & recognition was indeed painful & difficult. With the passing days, women have perfectly scrutinized their path by resisting and restoring their position and are equally contributing politically, economically, and socially. Finally, today women play a major role in the growth & development of Indian Economy.

From a long millennium of time until this day, the sacrifices & prolonged efforts of many great women have resulted fruitful and productive. In the upcoming days, women will surely embark with more innovation, success and contribution.