Snuggle your Body in a Thrifty & Trendy Price

Wear your design, be a designer, if you are a designer, why not wear designed clothes?
How many times have you been dreaming about celebrities, famous novel characters or your ideals and said to yourself that is great attire! From where can I buy that? Rather than diminishing your dreams and perception, wouldn't it be amazing if you can plugin on the famous brands and stores directly without any delay and infact customize and personalize your outfits according to your taste, budget, fashion, comfort, fitness, trends, seasons and festive occasions.

A few years ago retailers, manufacturers, whole salers, and importantly CUSTOMERS could only imagine about perfectly customized designs and outfits, nevertheless, technology have driven innovation and creativity to fill gaps between whats imaginative and whats possible.

Technology has fabricated first of its kind to transit the fashion industry from linear to circular and has created a new concept named FASHION TECH by using AI and computer vision. Building the next generation of fashion has been resulted in big consumer revolution and fashion brands to heighten sales, enhance digital merchandising, and so on. Through data the user can exploit one's imagination and opt visual search to discover, validate and purchase. Not only this the user can capture the sell and view offline & online sales in any geography, track the orders, payment history, and receive updated brand information according to seasons and geography.

Early stage funded startups are striking harder to pitch in their fashion business through fast & intuitive way and digitizing a large network via instagram, optimizing website, content marketing and so on. Therefore, more innovative and creative things are arriving in the fashion startups world in India. Cutting-edge technology is initiating new & possible opportunities like access to various places, shipping, packaging, fraud detect, customer care, moreover it is helping the users to customize sustainable & organic fibre according to their own choice, envision designs, optimize supply chain and promote thrifting as well as improvise consignments in order to shape the fashion experience of the customers.

Let's have a look at these fashion startups that promise to direct consumers their own personalized designs and attires at their fingertip.