Start-Ups Are Offering Benefits That Prioritize Learning

Benefits that once served as a competitive advantage for attracting talent are now common practice. Startups are famous for offering perks like pool tables, kegerators, dog-friendly offices and casual dress. Working for a start-up can be fun, and while start-up perks (snacks, ping pong) can be compelling, the best way to get and retain employees is to give them an experience they can't get elsewhere. A start-up's advantage is that their employees have responsibility, room to grow and the ability to learn new things. Also, the one indispensable quality that can be defined is the culture.

The corporate perks highly sought after by today's workforce all deal with each employee as an individual. They want to feel like their hobbies are accepted, their values are integrated, and their goals supported within the company they work for. The new-age employees expect employers to care about and invest in their well-being which accounts for physical and mental health to enable them to be the best they can be in their roles. New-age start-ups align with this. They are the companies who get the best and brightest from today's workforce.

Our focus in the current edition has been on some of the best Goa-based startups to work for. It is amazing to see the number of startups that are springing up in this coastal paradise, completely overhauling the business sector and taking it to the digital age. Fortunately, Goa offers an ideal work-life balance and the perfect environment for innovation. With the rapidly improving connectivity and infrastructure and a supportive state government, Goa is slowly becoming a `Start-up Paradise'. We have featured a list of few of such startups in Goa that are doing their best to leave a strong mark in the community of startups so that the state as a new start-up kernel of India shines bright.

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