Startups Are Paving Way For The Future Of Content

We live in a world where content drives everything. In all its various forms, content truly denotes something premium in its class. With more and more audiences/readers progressively shifting away from traditional forms of media content and distribution, the media universe has become both more fragmented and more digital in the contemporary times. Consumers have the freedom to pick from ostensibly vast content as per their own terms. These have paved the way for companies to earn more revenue through the industry's two main revenue streams - advertising and sales of subscription-based services. Overall, the industry revenue is anticipated to increase during the current period. Over the five years to 2024, industry revenue is forecasted to increase further as advertisement spending continues to transition from traditional means to the internet and mobile devices.

The number of startups in this industry has increased over the past five years due to low entry barriers for internet-based businesses. Major players that offer content across multiple channels, such as smartphone apps, are likely to outperform industry growth. The growth is vindicating the early efforts of seasoned entrepreneurs and attracting global investors, brands, and startups. The new era market is more informational. New-age startups know to align with the latest trends to seamlessly thread a message and create powerful content. They meticulously are using global events and influencer platforms to fabricate high-quality and impactful content. In a nutshell, they are up creating an entire ecosystem of products and technology that can be utilized by publishers, broadcasters, brands and the end consumer.

In our current edition, we have featured a list of '10 Best Internet Publishing & Broadcasting Startups'. It is indeed a great time for these startups to accommodate content across languages and genres. The growth that is anticipated will accommodate more players in the digital space to make way for more niche and qualitative content for users.

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