Startups in Healthcare are Giving a Boost to the Ecosystem

Nandini Mukherjee, Managing EditorDelhi, which is a hub for many startups and MNCs, is also considered as the modern capital of India. It is one of the top startup ecosystems in the country. Home to 13 unicorns, Delhi NCR has emerged as the largest startup ecosystem in the country with 7000 startups between 2009-2019 and 10 unicorns witnessed in this region alone. Moreover, the cumulative private market valuation of the startups in Delhi NCR currently stood at approximately $50 billion, higher than Bangalore which hovered between $32-37 billion and Mumbai being a distant third at around $12 billion. With premium quality educational Institutes, the presence of business
friendly infrastructure, friendly government policies, the correct blend of technical and infrastructural resources, and a burgeoning entrepreneurship culture, Delhi-NCR is encouraging budding talent to leave their monotonous job life and take the plunge in the entrepreneurial sea.

Over the past few years, the healthcare industry in Delhi-NCR has been buzzing with startups that are carving a niche in hospital management systems, doctor discovery, delivery of medicines, and more importantly home healthcare services. There has been a revolution in the Indian healthcare space as the consumers are now looking for services that can be personalized to suit their needs. And this is where these startups are coming to the picture to cater to the personalized healthcare requirements of the Indian consumers.

Entrepreneurs and investors are constantly evaluating the sector and are looking for the brightest prospects. The exponential growth of healthcare startups in India shows that Indians are in dire need of better healthcare and are accepting of it. Technology might finally be able to address the issues plaguing the Indian healthcare industry like quality, reach efficient capital utilization, scalability, affordability. This also shows the massive potential for health tech startups in India, who can as the bridge that connects needs and wants.