Successful Workplace Culture Defines New-Age Startups

The state of Tamil Nadu has shown a considerable rise in the past couple of years regarding start-up culture in the country. The Tamil Nadu government itself has been promoting the start-up ecosystem in the state. A sudden up-rise in the number of startups in Chennai has been witnesses. The city's highly literate population and skilled technical talent haveturned it into an attractive market for budding entrepreneurs. The region's economy was earlier more dependent on the automobile industry but has shifted towards the information technology sector. The recent years have witnessed a rise of entrepreneurship in the region with startups doing exceptionally well across different verticals be it pharma, marketing or finance.

The new start-up culture is born out of the new beliefs, hopes and motivations of a new generation of professionals, a way forward for work designed by the generation that is destined to run it. These Chennai-based start-ups are known to offer an ideal work-life balance and the perfect environment for innovation. They believe and follow the concept of relaxed, friendly workplaces with little to no regulations on dress codes, recreational facilities galore and happy hours. A concept that they have been able to realise in the real-world successfully. Recent incidents have shown that investing in building a sustainable work culture must start early on and there are phenomenal startups building great businesses with these new-age concepts.

Our focus in the current edition has been on some of the best Chennai-based startups to work for. We have featured a list of few of such startups that are doing their best to leave a strong mark in the community of startups so that the state as a new start-up kernel of India shines bright.Many investors are willing to invest in such startups with innovative ideas and this has become a plus for the ambitious entrepreneurs looking for growth opportunities.

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