The Age of Modern Sanjeevni Booti?

With an evolved sense of consumer behavior, nutraceutical industry, both in India as well as globally, is growing multifold. The Nutraceutical industry is rooting deeper in India, as the population turns health-conscious and aware of the benefits of natural nutritional supplements. Often considered to be a sub-section or an off-shoot of the pharmaceutical sector, the nutraceutical industry is now receiving due recognition from its consumers.

Since the pandemic has veritably changed the world’s perspective on healthcare, an increasing number of people have adopted a proactive lifestyle, which includes exercise, a balanced nutritious diet, and the use of quality dietary supplements and immunity boosters, thus, becoming a way of life a newer, healthier norm, to be precise.

The new rules under FSSAI have made it easier for the authorities to govern the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of nutraceutical supplements within the country. However, this is inadequate when it comes to providing a permanent solution for the issues associated with the registration process. As of now, the central focus should be to have a structured process of registration for the nutraceutical industry. This will in turn make available preventive health solutions to the consumers at lightning speed, making the industry a lot more competitive.

The Indian Nutraceutical Market is growing exponentially and India is poised to be a global leader in the nutraceutical segment in the near future, therefore it would be unfortunate if this growth story meets a dead end merely because our regulatory framework is playing catchup not to forget India's abounding, rich heritage of herbal medicines and Ayurvedic supplements right from the time Lord Hanuman fetched the mystic herb for Lakshman.

This edition beings to fore the Nutraceutical 'innovators' of today that have dwelled deeper to find the right combination of health supplements for every age group.