The City of Joy is riding high with the spirit of Entrepreneurship!

Nandini Mukherjee, Managing EditorIn today’s digital work, marketing is the heart of a business. It is the key to promoting and selling the products and service. In the present age marketing context, implementing strategic and effective marketing tactics is very crucial. Businesses are now seen spending a generous amount of their marketing resources on social media to spread good words about their products/services to their digital followers. Marketing startups in Kolkata renders the best services for every business and ensures a better brand visibility and reach increase in product and service loyalty, builds trust and attracts

potential customer. Besides, technological advancements have paved an easy path to various methods and internet platforms to reach a whole new audience.

Going beyond the typecast of being the cultural hub of India, the city of joy is now fostering an environment conducive to startups. While cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune are surely more acknowledged for their innovative ventures, Kolkata is also not far behind in making significant breakthroughs in this area. Some recent reports indicate a dramatic change in the scheme of things, with the startup ecosystem in the eastern metropolis improving considerably across various sectors which were not so vibrant in the past few years. In fact, the city is recently witnessing a rapid emergence of entrepreneurs, investors, and new-generation businessmen, who are trying to bring a new wave of change into the city.

Many new ventures operating in the marketing space driven by fresh initiatives are briskly supporting the city’s startup boom. In our current edition, we have listed such promising startups from Kolkata that have the potential to shine. The trend witnessed by the startups in Kolkata definitely marks the beginning of a new era that promises to transform the city into a booming startup hub!